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Dave O.
Mon, 28 Jan 2019

Do you want to know that you lived?

Where are you?

Dear You

I’m curious to know where you are. I have a feeling that the answer will come by looking at you. Indeed, we are all going to find the Truth by looking, for when have words ever captured the Truth?

This reminds me that back in the early days, circa 2002/3, participants engaged in a post-Intensive process of reflecting on what they had witnessed and experienced by completing a structured feedback questionnaire. The aim was not to understand, but to empty. Remarkably, without fail, every participant completed the questionnaire, every weekend.

When I ask “where are you?” I am not asking for words but I am requesting connection, to know that you and I are alive. Ironically, that moment, i.e. the recognition of a life-in-progress, rarely happens, even between people who live together their entire lives. I can assuredly tell you, there is something preventing it from happening, so no matter how much people say they want it – they won’t get it, they won’t even try.

Do you want to know that you lived? I would love you to have the experience. Are you brave enough to have an encounter without masks and drama? You can find out. I am here.

The moment will come, somehow, someway, sometime.

May it come soon.

Dave Oshana