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Dave O.
Tue, 5 Feb 2019

Pure Delivery of Enlightenment Transmission

Refining Enlightenment Transmission
Refining Enlightenment Transmission

Dear You

You may have noticed from recent emails and online events, that I’m on a quest to deliver the purest Enlightenment Transmission. This means refining everything that I do, and offer, down to the essentials. That involves getting rid of unnecessary things.

I’m sure you already understand that many unusual and beneficial phenomena happen around me, that I can endlessly talk about and explore them, as well as offer numerous teachings, practices and therapeutic interactions. However, life is too short, and too full of things and activities, to permit the “best of the best” to be clearly discerned. Hence, the “truly obvious” must be made “conspicuously obvious”.

This is not to be done by talking about it, because that creates more busyness, but by simply delivering the goods without explanatory noises. This was how it was when I first started sharing Enlightenment, because I didn’t have much to say and I wasn’t going to be drawn into useless or unhelpful communication, since that is how the Ego procrastinates and delays the inevitable: Awakening.

I have appreciated all of the hints and comments that you have given to me in recent requests for feedback, and indeed, during all of the time that we have known each other. Your feedback has allowed me to make some realisations about how best to share Enlightenment. I have discovered, rather late in life, because I have always been able to give a lot, that “less is more”.

Ironically, when I first started sharing Enlightenment, my method was strikingly simple, because I had no content. However, helpful web designers and marketing advisers told me that “content is king”. Yet now, I have verified that numerous marketing rules do not apply to what I share.

All throughout my Enlightenment sharing years, my apparent resistance to change my methods have perplexed those who have tried to advise and “help” me. Whilst I have gone along with a few marketing ideas (what’s the worst that could happen, anyway?) I have never (thankfully) gone “all the way”.

Marketing it seems, was never for me and may never be so. I will never be rich, nor famous but I have three things that are greater:

One: I have Enlightenment.
Two: I have remained true to that Enlightenment.
Three: I will never have to follow a marketing script which dictates how a spiritual teacher should act to attract the largest audience. My only interest is sharing Enlightenment.

As I whittle down my varied offerings, I continue to welcome your comments and feedback to expedite this process. I invite all criticism that supports my aim to deliver the best, to share Enlightenment. All of you who know me, know that I do not shrink from criticism, but seek it. So, if there is something that you want to communicate to me, but never have, now is your chance.

I know that some of you want to meet me and to try out “the goods” but that, for various reasons, you have been thwarted. By the time that we meet, I may have arrived at the simplest, most effective way to share Enlightenment. Despite the various hurdles that obstruct our paths, I have an intention to meet you. You can either wait patiently or start “cutting pathways in the jungle” right now, everyone who does is pleased to find existence more beautiful than they could ever have imagined.

I am now standing at a junction, and you can affect the direction that I take. With each helpful insightful email, I shave off another part of my “teaching”. I am taking off so much, that it seems that one day there will be nothing left to say. Is that a problem or blessing in disguise? Life is much larger than words, and is never really in the words.

I’m going to be experimenting with the old ways (from when I first started sharing Enlightenment), but in new ways. The old way of meeting in person in the real world, has to be translated into meeting online. Already there have been very good results, but more tweaking is required, boiling away the inessentials to get to the essential, the purest Transmission of Enlightenment. This is a worthy and exciting quest.

If you have read till the end of this message, then I know that we are going to meet, somewhere, somehow, sometime. Let’s stay in touch and figure something out.

Dave Oshana