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Dave O.
Mon, 11 Mar 2019

My Tell, Your Show

“I don’t want to show you, I want to tell. My tell will be your show” was the guiding principle of the recent Enlightenment Transmission Winter Island Retreat ‘Sharing Enlightenment Transmission Unlimited’, where the confusing perceptual miscommunications of everyday broken human language were forced to convey the Original Language. This will be easy to “see” when I stand before you.

Participants were advised to keep their awareness on the field of consciousness, in other words their experience, because that’s where everything happens, both in the beginning and at the end of all time. Everything else was sauce – an exceptionally delightful hot source that opened the gateway to Consciousness. Participants experienced hurtling through the deep inner space where perception, internal babbling, sensation and broken language meet but do not communicate – the core knot of the identity problem.

The perceptive reader will notice that something unusual is going on, right now, here with the very sentences in front of their eyes, confounding the mind’s expectations and connecting to the Original. When we have direct contact, which will be inevitably soon, this will be patently and intensely obvious. Inexorably, your mind, raked of distortions will capitulate to Existence.

Timing and environment are key for a safe landing. When the Ego goes down, it can be sudden and full force, like a glacier falling into a fjord, unleashing a tsunami that flushes out false dependencies, leaving only pristine nature. For humanity, nature’s message is clear, “there is a wave to surf, get out of the false program and get with the real”.

I will be showing this way of communicating with you in Sunday’s live online video meeting ‘The Original Language of Formlessness (Recent Retreat Revelations)’. Better to be there than to attend the replay. Better to see a video replay then listen to an audio replay. Better to grasp at least some representation of this communication than nothing at all, unless you reside permanently in emptiness, in which case you need nothing at all.

* Writers, directors and actors are routinely told to “show, don't tell”. A “tell” is a poker expression for compulsive behaviour exhibited by a player which helps determine the hidden value of their hand or play, but can be used by the player to create misdirection.