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Dave O.
Tue, 12 Mar 2019

Secret Enlightenment Transmission More Precious Than Gold

Enlightenment Transmission Gives You Exactly What You Need

It’s the most fascinating phenomenon in Existence. It’s absolutely free and effortless to access. It gives you exactly what you need. It puts you in touch with your original nature and reality and allows you to understand Truth. It’s what you’ve always wanted but could never imagine. No one can see It, touch or taste It and yet, once noticed It never goes away. I refer to, of course, the Enlightenment Transmission.

Recent Winter Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat: They Came and Received

I have just returned from a 7-day Enlightenment Transmission Retreat. New, and veteran participants travelled from faraway places because they either have experienced or heard about the miracles of the Enlightenment Transmission. By the conclusion of the Retreat, each participant assuredly knew that they were in contact with something more precious than all the precious gems and metals in the world. That contact is free and forever.

Only 3 Months until the Summer Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat

I have been supporting access to the Enlightenment Transmission for 19 years. In 3 months, there will be another Enlightenment Transmission Retreat timed with my Enlightenment Day on 19th June and the summer solstice which in Finland is known as White Nights or the Midnight Sun since there is virtually no darkness. Enlightenment Transmission Retreats are intense, beneficial, life-changing experiences. They keep getting stronger which is why new participants have to go through several months of preparation to familiarise and prepare for the effects of Enlightenment Transmission.

The Formless Enlightenment Transmission Is Freely Available

The Enlightenment Transmission is freely available but because It is formless It cannot be described nor communicated. Only those who are lucky enough to experience the Enlightenment Transmission have a chance to understand something about this.

The Indescribable Enlightenment Transmission Is Not Being Promoted

I am not personally promoting the Enlightenment Transmission to new audiences. I have no dedicated marketing team. Information about the existence Enlightenment Transmission seldom flows beyond my mailing list. My email server might be incorrectly configured resulting (most probably) in most subscribers not seeing the weekly newsletters. Enlightenment Transmission is a secret – unless someone changes that. That someone could be You. If you have ever wanted to do something absolutely pure with your life, this is It!

Freely Sharing Enlightenment Transmission

You will need to bring your own ideas and initiative because I am so busy sharing the Enlightenment Transmission that I have almost no time to manage any new projects.

Your Move

What would you like?