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Dave O.
Tue, 12 Mar 2019

Ask, I Will Show You. Knowing Truth, Your Eyes Will Never Close

Why Do Participants Travel from All over the World to Attend Enlightenment Transmission Retreats?

Participants from all over the world have just returned home, their lives changed forever from being immersed for 7 days and nights in the Enlightenment Transmission under recent Winter Island Retreat. Some made the journey from hot faraway countries, even on crutches or with broken bones, to risk walking on ice. Why do they do it? Do they know something that you do not know?

Sharing Enlightenment Transmission Unlimited

Why Have Participants Already Fully Booked the Summer Enlightenment Transmission Retreat in Finland?

New participants have already booked flights and hotels for the summer Enlightenment Transmission Retreat (timed with my Enlightenment Day on 19th June and the summer solstice which in Finland is known as White Nights or the Midnight Sun). Newcomers are preparing to attend Summer Retreat after seeing just one short Enlightenment Transmission video on YouTube. What’s going on?

Enlightenment Transmission Day Midnight Sun Summer Island Retreat

I Will Show You Enlightenment Transmission

If you ask me, I will tell you. Better yet, I will show you. Your eyes will never again close on what you know to be true. Sounds good?

Free Monthly Enlightenment Transmission Events (requires action now)

I wrote two free articles to help explain these exciting views. I hope to write more and to create many free events. In fact, I will host one free online event every month, if someone can let newcomers know that it is happening.

Sharing Recent Retreat Revelations This Sunday

I will be sharing the recent Retreat revelations this Sunday 17th March ‘The Original Language of Formlessness (Recent Retreat Revelations)’. Newcomers can request a 50% discount, if they want it but must apply within the next 36 hours.

Free Articles

Recent articles are:

My Tell, Your Show

Secret Enlightenment Transmission More Precious Than Gold

Summer Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat Booked Already

The upcoming Summer Island Retreat is being booked up now. Newcomers interested in attending must start preparing now to be ready for the life changing effects of Enlightenment Transmission. Contact me now by replying to this email for immediate advice.

One-To-Ones Available Again

One-to-Ones, both in Helsinki and Online, have resumed again. Contact me direct by email or replying to this email to arrange a booking.

International Enlightenment Transmission Events

Preliminary talks about arranging Intensives and residential Retreats in Maine, the rest of USA and Canada, London, Tallinn and Stockholm have started. Contact me if you are interested in attending or arranging events in any of these locations or wish to suggest new locations.

Your Move

What would you like? Ask. Tell. Receive.