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Dave O.
Mon, 18 Mar 2019

The Deep Existential Perception of Your Opposite Sex

As a man broaching the subject of feminine spirituality (‘Inside the Womb of Creation’), I must either get it just right – or else I will “balls it up” (London slang for “to fail messily”). Failure is not an option. How else will men and women finally achieve the one crucial thing left undone since the beginning of time: understand each other?  And if no man dares to be the first to leave the masculine crowd, in order to enter the feminine, then can the change that we need ever happen? To be clear, I am not suggesting, promoting or referring to any kind of physical, social or political transgenderism. What I am referring to is the ability to understand the opposite sex in a presently uncommon, fundamentally deep existential way.

Women, to fully understand themselves, need men. Equally, men, to fully understand themselves, need women. In both cases, a (currently) very rare type of man and woman is required. The stereotypical male and female, being the product of social conditioning, which creates cognitive distortion, deletion, disorientation, defendedness and dominance, is unsuitable to create the necessary and sufficient conditions for mutual understanding to happen. Fortunately, the blinders of social conditioning can be circumvented, thereby permitting the available apparatus of direct perception to offer a clearer view of reality, with the beneficial gain of becoming more familiar with, and growing closer to, the objects that we meet in life, most especially and importantly, living ones!

Fundamental to our ability to cognitively recognise and understand our surroundings is a rich and wide base of kinaesthetic experiences of movement and spatial relationships. As explained on the recent Winter Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat, it is not possible to think, imagine or cognitively perceive reality unless certain basic experiences have been received by the brain, nervous system and mind.

Consequently, in the Oshana Energy-Work Method we explore and develop essential natural ways of moving that have never been considered by the average person. Movement and posture are fundamental to our relationship with others, even when there is no touch, defining the space in which we find ourselves mentally. In the same way that movement and posture can open up the gates of perception, they can also, when practised unnaturally, create distortion and misperception by “cutting up” reality and projecting onto it.

When we become empty of social conditioning, and ideas about male and female, then it is possible to have a different and more direct experience of the male and female dimension and everything related to it.

I will be leading an online group to explore this area which you are welcome to join or to book a video replay by email or contact form. The live online event is ‘Inside the Womb of Creation’ on 24th March 2019.