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Dave O.
Fri, 29 Mar 2019

This is Going to Affect You Deeply, Anyway...

I consider myself a fellow participant on the retreats. I am an observer. I am amazed at what happens. It’s perfectly choreographed. I enter the island with no plan in my mind. I simply encounter everything with full openness, allowing the vibrations of nature to flow through me. It’s communion with everyone and everything on the island.

I want you to be ready because this is going to affect you deeply whether you physically attend this retreat or not simply because we connected in this together…

Anyone who is connected to me is at risk of being deeply impacted by tsunami waves of the upcoming Summer Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat which this year happens over my Enlightenment Day and the Night of the Midnight Sun in Finland for 7 whole days and nights 13th-20th June 2019 ‘Formless & Identity-Free: Enlightenment Day Summer Island Retreat

If you plan to attend this retreat: now is the time to reserve your place. Contact me.

Think of the Enlightenment Transmission as an orbiting celestial object delivering an almighty payload of revelations, realisations and perceptual changes.

When I get back from the retreat, I will aim to share, through online and real-world events, as much as possible with everyone who was not physically present. There may be a significant gap this year though, which means no online events for about 8 weeks, for most of June and July.

If this Enlightenment Transmission gap break is too much wait-time for you, than you may consider attending the Enlightenment Transmission residential retreat.

However, I have to warn you that a retreat is, according to participants, 1000 times more powerful, intense and transformational then an online event. If you have experienced the depth of transformation which online events bring, then you will recognise that this is not some casual affair – it’s life changing!

For this reason, I never allow newcomers to walk in off the street and straight onto a retreat. This surprises many spiritual seekers who are used to being offered “pay to pray” retreats by almost every commercial spiritual teacher on the market. I want people to attend, however, before every retreat I reject up to 50% of the applicants simply because they have not prepared for the effects of Enlightenment Transmission.

Nothing can prepare you for Enlightenment Transmission except having some. Hence, everyone on an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat has been carefully selected and prepared by me. It’s an extremely labour-intensive process but it cannot be any other way. Consequently, our retreat groups are very special, which is a welcome surprise for many newcomers.

But we don’t go on retreat to socialise. We go on retreat to come back to our original self. The Enlightenment Transmission is the washing machine that clears the senses and allows us to see and feel once again.

I could write volumes about everything that happens and is received on the retreat but I won't reveal it. The reason I won't reveal it is that it’s deeply personal and private for the participants. Those who are ready for it will know that it is waiting for them. I have never released any of the recordings of retreat events. What happens on retreat, stays on retreat.

No matter how much I talk glowingly about the retreat, I won’t tell you much. I will mention a few obvious features about the beautiful nature of the island and the delicious organic food, but I won’t convey the fullness and depth of the magical experiences that happen. I can only say that they come as a surprise on each and every retreat.

Every year, I have no wish to sell the retreats. I put very little energy into describing the retreats and updating their photographs and text. It stays quiet and hidden. It’s our secret, but everyone, both on and off the retreat, is affected by it.

For those who know deep within their bones and sinews that they will be attending a retreat, contact me now because I am already preparing a place for you. You simply have to tell me.

Welcome to Enlightenment Transmission! You have no idea what the future brings – only that it will be different from anything you have ever been told about or imagined.