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Dave O.
Tue, 4 Jun 2019

Entering the Infinity Point, Reappearing in 6 Weeks

Ironic... Life is multidimensional but most people live and breathe only in one

I’d like to tell you where some of us are going, but I can’t. Ironic really, since my mission statement is “sharing Enlightenment”.

Enlightenment simply means knowing who you are and being it. It means regaining yourself, (sufficiently) absent of conditioning, to your satisfaction not some impossible (and unreal) spiritual ideal.

When I return I will aim to tell you about it. But, based on past experience, I probably won’t capture all of it. It’s bad marketing, won’t attract new participants, I know. But that’s how it is.

What happens on retreat, stays on retreat. It’s so intimate, precious and delicate. We are perceiving, experiencing and witnessing things that you can’t imagine, and therefore, couldn’t believe.

Life is multidimensional, but most people live and breathe only in one. Yet, when you go to sleep the dimensions co-mingle, they never really fully separate upon awakening. If your mind “chunks up” then, ironically by skipping crucial details, it misses the larger picture.

On this retreat, we are going beyond our concept of human to enter into the fullness of our humanity, a shared, interpersonal reality. No one, including myself, will come out of this the same.

After the retreat, I will want to give an online meeting to bring you up-to-date, but it might be impossible to schedule, and if that is so then I will rejoin you in August for Sunday meetings (or would you prefer Saturdays?).

The Original Language: Enlightenment Day Summer Island Retreat’ is 13th-20th June.
7 full days and nights of endless self-discovery

NOTE: USA Sept - Oct 2019 looks likely if there are sufficient registration commitments. Interested? Contact Enlightenment USA