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Dave O.
Thu, 6 Jun 2019

That Enlightenment Transmission Retreat Pre-Feeling

Feeling a certain mystery?

A message before ‘The Original Language: Enlightenment Day Summer Island Retreat’:

Something is happening. You notice the effects, your mind is perplexed, but it feels so right and good to your deepest self that it doesn’t matter that the mind does not understand it. You are being  invisibly prepared for the Enlightenment Transmission retreat.

On the retreat, dimensions of perception, ordinarily below the threshold of conscious awareness, are revealed giving increased access to the fullness of your being.

Usually, and potentially frustratingly but actually excitingly, I cannot tell what is going to happen on the retreat. I have a sense, a beginning of something, the first stitch in knitting woollen gloves, but not the complete picture that is awaiting to be revealed. Often, I cannot tell you even that much, something prevents me. I can speculate about the reasons but never be entirely sure. It’s all a mystery, for all of us.

Each one of us perceives a different facet of this mystery. If we are open receivers and transmitters then we can share, as clearly as possible, our own portion of this revelation. This follows the “brain of humanity” model that I have been teaching recently. The brain, not an individual neuron, is the organ that comprehends existence, and thereby shares it with the whole, i.e. every neuron. It therefore follows that every one of us should be an optimal neuron, perceiving and expressing without distortion or deletion.

We can help ourselves and one another with that, and in the process uncover the Original Language that will support you in communicating truthfully with yourself and others. The unseen must become seen, left and right hemispheres crossover, fragments be integrated, and repressed pain, suffering and trauma released. I can see that each participant has remarkable gifts. The trick will be (a) getting them to realise and use them (b) getting others to notice, appreciate and recognise the relevance to a greater experience of life beyond present comprehension.

For perhaps the first time ever, before a retreat I actually know, understand and perceive some of the aims, methods and potential of what we are being drawn to. I am curious and positive about the interaction between participants who are very new to the whole Enlightenment Transmission group experience, but nonetheless have been selected, and long-time participants who have much experience but who will benefit from new perspectives.

I am always both excited and calm, always in new ways. This time I have half a clue about what is going on, much more than ever before.

Thank you for showing up, you are bringing much more than you presently realise. By continuing to reflect, being honest and involved (a tricky balance) you will discover things that, perhaps, even I don’t know (and hopefully share with me and all).

Looking forward to this Enlightenment Transmission retreat – it’s not what it seems, but perhaps you already ‘knew’ that.