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Dave O.
Tue, 16 Jul 2019

Mutual Shared Enlightenment

Real Enlightenment, Real People, Happening Now

Enlightenment is fulfilment, integration and beyond imagination. I got Enlightened and can share my Enlightenment with you fairly quickly and easily. Having tasted that Enlightenment, you will be better able to find your own. Your Enlightenment is never far away, it has followed you all of your life and awaits you.

It is easy to get lost in speculation about intangible things, mankind has already. I encourage you to experience first and understand later, since it is real life experience that you need. Religious leaders, such as the Dalai Lama, avow that Enlightenment is only possible after lifetimes of dedication to strange exotic mystical practices. When surveying the full range of perverted and self-harming practices espoused by various religious sects, one can only conclude that some people are driven to extreme lengths to obtain liberation, whatever that means to them.

It has been pointed out to me that the word “Enlightenment” has been tainted and misused for all kinds of selfish and nefarious purposes. We need not concern ourselves the misuse of the term “Enlightenment” if we define it satisfactorily for ourselves. As the purveyor of fine quality spiritual experiences, you will be the final determiner of whether the Enlightenment that you will eventually possess, fully meets your needs.

I would say that Enlightenment is wholeness, integration and the end of a certain type of identity crisis. Certain benefits derive from Enlightenment, which could generally be typified as being internally still, present and relaxed in a very particular way. This allows certain natural skills, abilities and types of awareness to develop.

My criteria for Enlightenment is based upon my own experience. I have discovered that Enlightenment is a mutually shared experience, where all parties will have a variety of unimaginably wonderful and meaningful experiences all at the same time. I have noticed that Enlightenment is shareable, unimaginable, fulfilling in a unique way, natural, always available and unassuming. And, thankfully, requiring zero philosophical training or speculation.

In upcoming events, I will be sharing the mutual experience of Enlightenment, which I sometimes term “Enlightenment Transmission”, the importance of rewiring the mind, integrating with reality and streamlining with the body’s natural processes. I will also share, where possible, internal flow and connection techniques from Oshana Energy Work 1 and moving energy techniques from Oshana Energy Work 2.

And by the way, I’m not trying to make your ego more personable, but only that you should be who you truly are.