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Dave O.
Wed, 7 Aug 2019

Defeating the Imminent Zombie Apocalypse before It Eats Your Brain

Healthy Relating from the Original Self

Like anything that is broken, and then failing when you need it most, language can let you down. In fact, it’s an illusion that it ever conveyed your most tender feelings and deepest meanings.

Songs and movies about love simply strum your heartstrings, resurrecting sensations that were once appropriate but now, like the zombie dead, live by appearances only. It sounds like an afterlife, where one watches an endless rerun of nostalgia videos in an attempt to overcome the boredom of eternity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Outside of the mind's conceptual prison is freedom. It’s not freedom from mind or personality, as millions of spiritual seekers have been misled to believe (providing yet another example of the brokenness, quite likely deliberately, of human language), but freedom from identifying with "untrue", which in this case means: not-real or not-alive. The mind’s ability to use concepts to create an inner artificial/virtual reality, a symbolic map that is erroneously identified with as actual existence, is where relationships end and hallucinations begin.

Hallucinations are not a good basis for healthy relationships, although that is all that society is offering and “improving” to make the delusional state seamless, glitch-free and universally adopted.

Linguistic impotence, the inability to accurately convey meaning through language, was identified thousands of years ago in the Tower of Babel story in the Book of Genesis, which stated that language was deliberately broken to stop mankind uniting and reaching the place of the gods in heaven.

Fortunately, we still retain the Original Language because it is indivisible from our Original Self. Enlightenment is discovering and following your Original Self. From your Original Self comes true love, bliss and communion, which when experienced nullify all interest in chasing society’s false idols.

Every person is constantly leaking their true expression, the Original Language, but is covered by the Babel Effect, the False Self’s self-interested attempt to maintain a fictitious reality.

If we are to relate meaningfully, as nature intended, then every person must recover their Original Self and the Original Language. It’s the most fascinating, enjoyable and deeply fulfilling activity that you will ever find because it completely concurs with the whole of your being.

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