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Dave O.
Fri, 30 Aug 2019

Enlightenment: Resisting Hard, Let Down Softly. One-to-One Report

This is a synopsis of a recent one to one with Dave Oshana here in my home town of London, England. Much of the content should not be read as a verbatim account since I do not have perfect recall of everything that was said. Rather, my suggestion would be to read this for its experiential content. I’m aiming to give a sense of the energies at play here rather than the precise words that were spoken. Inevitably my recall will have morphed what was said but I hope that my heartfelt sharing will give you a sense of the experience to be had and the transformational quality of this encounter.

'Align totally with your life force and live authentically, it’s as simple as that'

This is what I heard and took away from my one to one with Oshana.

I had been looking forward to meeting with Oshana today. It had been a long while since I was involved with his Teaching and that mysterious invisible force that happens around him that he calls 'Transmission'. My hiatus had led me down alternative spiritual pursuits that served to lull my spiritual sense of urgency and now I was face to face with a self-declared Enlightenment Teacher to hopefully revitalise my flagging energies.

I had arrived with angst ridden questions, thinking that I could affect a clear up that would satisfy half buried 'objections' that I carried close to my heart. In actual fact I was disabused of these notions skilfully and meticulously. Oshana seemed to side step or pivot everything I threw at him with an amused glint leading me to believe I was foolish to even try and trip up this soft spoken, ordinary London fella that had somehow managed to wake up one day into losing his false identity and lived the Enlightened life.

'You're caught in a procrastination loop..'

Oshana delivered this assertion with a direct glance at me. I withered slightly, for nearly an hour now I had pushed every one of my questions, objections and nebulous arguments at him, trying hard to see if there was a crack in my own psyche that could be exploited and leave me with a sense of satisfaction or some form of vindicated closure. Oshana was having none of it, with pinpoint accuracy he summarised my core issue, 'You keep vacillating and refuse to commit' he turned towards me as the sun shone around us, brightening the shaded area we had seated ourselves on. 

This tranquil wooded area where we found ourselves in was a welcome and surprising corner of London, and offered a natural oasis, a sort of sylvan bubble on the outskirts of an urban metropolis. We had turned into a clearing where a delightful circle of wooden totem poles had been arranged into a circle. Adding to the effect of an other worldly landscape, we decided to make this spot our meeting venue.

The clearing was surprisingly quiet and we were interrupted only once and very briefly by a family walking their dog but otherwise in this natural setting I played out my mental insecurities…to no avail.

'Stay true to your Life-Force, it’s guiding you all the time but then you throw up doubts and move out of alignment'

I glanced at Oshana, his features had remained the same as I recalled when I first met him seventeen years ago. Time had peppered his hair with shots of grey and he had filled out slightly but essentially, he was the same average looking guy with the disarming cockney accent. My earlier interactions with Oshana had resulted in spectacular, life altering experiences that triggered a close association for several years. I had broken the association and taken a step back for many reasons which then led to a hiatus of over a decade. I never truly lost contact with Oshana but stayed out of his close orbit while I moved on to other spiritual pastures.

Now, I found myself drawn back to Oshana.

I didn't quite know why.

He had sent out an email just two days ago saying he was in London for a few days and invited anyone who would like to meet to get in touch. I hesitated but driven by an urge to see if 'something' would happen I reached out and here we were.

I shifted my right leg to allow some circulation and parried back 'but what you're saying is that we should live by instinct alone? That would mean if I desired a tasty dessert then I should just go for it!'

'No, if you refine your awareness you'd notice what your stomach really wanted and perhaps it was craving a drink of  water rather than that dessert' I struggled with this notion but at the same time, I could grasp the idea that my inner core essence was an all perfect energy that guided my actions if I honoured it.

'You don't know what drives you'

Oshana continued, 'What made you come half way across London to meet me? What keeps you seeking? What part of you can even tolerate sitting here and understand the words I'm speaking?'

His arms waved outwards in a deliberate but smooth arc to accentuate his questions to me.

'Just trust and follow. Your life force is never wrong…

..and the fact that you are fragmented and fearful of making this commitment is leading to your fractured existence now'

Internally, I balked at this, I felt that I was mentally wrestling with Oshana. Some deep seated frustrations surfaced and I allowed them free reign. Partly, this was due to the gap since our last meeting. I felt emboldened, I felt I had nothing to lose, was not invested and at the same time deeply curious by what would happen if I pushed further. 

'You know what this feels like to me?'

I interjected at one point, 'it's like that Biblical story about someone wrestling with an angel', 'You mean Jacob, he got his hip broken' Oshana replied. 'Yes, that one, it feels like I'm wrestling you right now!'

In actual fact, I was releasing pent up frustrations. There was something comforting about confronting and then vocalising long held beliefs, especially with Oshana. He seemed completely un-phased. That unmoving but gentle integrity had a calming effect on my weary protestations, and I found my arguments becoming weaker and weaker as the hour drew on.

I was also conscious of the passage of time. I was no longer the younger version of myself when I first knew Oshana and he intuitively picked on this aspect of concern. 

'You can always get back on track, you know'

I looked up quizzically to see where this angle was going. 'Getting Enlightened even at later stages of your life would just mean you would have less time to deliver your purpose but ultimately you would be re-joining the true trajectory of your life. It’s as if your life shot off at a different angle', Oshana drew an imaginary line in the air in front of me, arcing downwards. 

'Enlightenment would allow you to return…'

…his finger drew the imaginary line upwards again. 

I immediately recalled the scene in the classic sci fi movie Back to the Future part II where Doc Brown was explaining how time had skewed to create an alternate reality to the bewildered Marty McFly. The Doc used a chalkboard and animatedly sketched how an unforeseen event had caused a chaotic and horrific alternate future timeline. He then proceeds to outline what needed to be done to return things back to 'normal'.

Over an hour had elapsed into our session and we were drawing to a close. I have only touched on the bare highlights of our interaction in this sharing. Much more was said, but in essence the 'charge' I had carried had dissipated, in its place was a pleasant calm and a new found resolve to honour this life-energy that Oshana repeatedly pointed at. I remarked how wonderful it was to interact with him, I had forgotten just how much at ease I felt with this person and said as much. He is the only person I can truly be myself with. 'You know I can be my absolute honest self with you, no filters, masks, pretences, just raw me!' Oshana nodded, and didn't seem surprised at all.

We touched on other more personal matters and Oshana's insights were pinpoint accurate. In some ways quite unnerving as he got to the heart of long held issues with surprising accuracy. 

Finally, it was time to leave. We got up and wove our way through the happy totem circle pausing at wild blackberry bushes to nibble at some of the berries as we exited the nature spot and re-joined suburban street life. 

As I took leave of Oshana, and throughout the journey home I was struck by the quiet certainty that seemed to well up inside me. A resolve, a compass and an unfailing pull. It had always been there but having just wrestled with ‘Transmission's Angel’, it lay bare, palpable and obvious.

It was fresh right now and I resolved to honour this inward pull and for once just surrender to its innate wisdom.

As I relaxed into the knowingness, I drifted into a sensation of sublime vastness. This feeling was not unfamiliar to me, but it had been a long while since I had felt it so strong. Who knows, perhaps that elusive alignment might just click into place and like the old children's game of 'kerplunk' I'd lose all my marbles!