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Dave O.
Wed, 2 Oct 2019

The Enlightenment Transmission Cyclone Spinning In New England Now

The most intense Enlightenment Transmission Intensives ever?

Experience Enlightened Consciousness: The Journey Home
Experience Enlightened Consciousness
The Journey Home

The most intense Enlightenment Transmission Intensives ever?

I hit the ground running after landing in USA last week.

The Enlightenment Transmission whipped up a force majeure decimating egoic patterning in its path.

Would you like more?

You can have it all.

Tonight is a free introduction in Portland, Maine. This weekend starts a 5 Day Intensive. Saturday next week, I return to Newburyport to host an extra-long Intensive. In between, those group events, I am very accessible personal, customised, attentive exchanges.

In New England are a community of participants who are driven to find their True Self, to separate the truth from the false and to discover what is behind the illusory dreamscape that many think is ordinary life.

We are on the fast track now.

Nothing is allowed to be unconscious. Body language, micro-facial gestures, use of language, flows of energy and relationship patterns are all out in the open.

This is your chance to become free of whatever weighs you down. Clear your schedule: this is your chance to taste the unimaginable, unlimited and fullest aspects of multidimensional reality.