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Dave O.
Wed, 23 Oct 2019

Possibly, The Greatest Spiritual Teaching, Ever

Evidently, I cannot tell. Maybe you can?

Unforgivably, caught with my pants down, since I did not notice that it was my best, possibly the greatest spiritual teaching, ever. Evidently, I cannot tell. Maybe you can?

Saturday 26th October
Video Replay of
Re-Parenting: Fixing the Mess Your Parents Gifted You

I was surprised by the acclaim and requests to replay this particular live video meeting.

As recompense, I will offer a full video replay this Saturday for half price, followed by a high-quality MP3 for a special low price.

Themes included:

Conception pressures; womb life; fluid, life-force and waves; nervous system calmer; network engineer; animal natures; connecting consciousness to bodily awareness; pleasure now; gut sensing; overwhelming eye-rolling food; ancestral programs transfer, becoming free and more...

A conspicuous tipoff came from acclaimed author, Jasun Horsley, who rarely praises my structure/content (but loves undefinable elements):

“I thought it (the call) was the best ever, retreat level; writing a blog post about it now”

To paraphrase his interest:

“Covered all primary areas of Dave’s “teachings,” everything pertinent to human existence, a template for an entire book about what enlightenment actually is and how to reach it, and one that would be almost wholly free of spiritual jargon.”

Jasun’s full blog post, including detailed meeting précis can be read here:

'Calling All Nervous Systems to Inter-Planetary Tuning: Dave Oshana on How to Finally Get Some Satisfaction

Participant comments about the live event included:

“Hit the mark.  I was going to explode! I really needed to hear it.  I let rip and yelled all the way from my toes!”

 “A nice blend of spices, something for everyone, needs to sit a day to catch the richness."

“My head has been lifted up to be aware of the sky, as if someone cut the trees!” 

“Healing is happening in the nervous system as you weave your words, even though I fell asleep."

Bonus: replays are free for those who paid for the live event or a replay of the event.