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Dave O.
Wed, 23 Oct 2019

Find Your True Self, Dissolving Anti-Life Programming

Dissolve the Anti-Life Programming strangling your nervous system

Spirituality, Eastern in particular, is obsessed with a variety of cooking metaphors for stopping the illusory entity, chillingly known as The Ego, such as, boiling, chopping, encasing or frying. It’s all good entertainment, and justified, as long as the Ego is punished, like a naughty schoolboy. The problem is that it never works, not only for those for whom religious self-flagellation is a cover for sexual stimulation, but because the Ego is synonymous, for most people, with their everyday self, not their True Self.

I spent several decades, as a spiritual seeker, fruitlessly trying to control my Ego, at the recommendation of my spiritual teachers, who never satisfactorily defined what the Ego is or how to find it. In fact, they never defined any of the spiritual terms, except by using more terms that were never defined. Possibly, because their “understanding” was not grounded in actual experience.

It’s a crying shame to throw to a person, drowning in the Sea of Samsara (Illusion), an illusory lifebelt – but that, imho, how most religions service and maintain their flock. Consequently, everything that I offer is validatable by experience. Generally, I will start with the physical before moving into perceptual, sensory, intuitive and beyond so that as much agreement can be reached and ambiguity minimised, as possible.

I prefer the term “false identity” over “The Ego”. More recently, I referred to “the Anti-Life”, a program that runs in the brain and infects the nervous system, strangling it like a squid, cutting off life-force energy and blocking all incoming and outgoing true messages. The evidence of this is everywhere, for those who care to perceive it, as degraded linguistic, cognitive and behavioural functioning.

In the live online meeting, ‘Meet Your Inner Me-Me’ on Sunday 27th October, I propose to give participants an experience of their Inner Me-Me a.k.a. “The Squid”, if they seek to engage me in conversation. Instead of answering questions, I will be asking them, thereby turning the classic teacher-student dialogue on its head. After all, I know nothing, while others seem to know something.