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Dave O.
Tue, 29 Oct 2019

With Orgasms Like These Why Even Care About Enlightenment?

Forget Enlightenment for just a moment. Does anyone ever really breakthrough?

Some spiritual seekers frequently report such breathtaking sweat-drenched full-juice revelatory breakthrough experiences that one might expect that they would be utterly satiated, but almost immediately they feel a lack. For, when expansion goes beyond its natural limits, it tears a hole in the fabric of existence, generating an infinitely expanding vacuum that desperately tries to contract to limit its aloneness whilst simultaneously sucking in an unfiltered Universe to fill, instead of feel, the gap.

The physical Creation, due to having limits, can have objects, boundaries and states, beginnings and ends. But something cannot fill nothing. From the view of all things, the pre-thing state, from which all things arise, looks like nothing. The substantial can neither fill, nor feel, the Insubstantial. And yet, Creation comes from the Insubstantial. Loosely approximate, a fetus cannot find the sperm and ovum that created it. However, because we exist in, and are, the Insubstantial, we can feel and fill It.

The world of created things has endless lists of pasts, parts, paths, walls and rooms. Each presents a potential breakthrough, but only in the world of form. Enlightenment breaks through every container, until Seed Consciousness (the consciousness that is seemingly trapped within a form, your soul) goes beyond all limitations.

No matter how seductive and interesting are breakthroughs in the world of form, know that they do not lead to freedom or liberation. However, such breakthroughs will always allure the beginning spiritual seeker because of their ignorance, desperation and desire, creating a demand for a spiritual marketplace offering a myriad of forms, but not the one and only item necessary: formlessness.

Do not get hung up on poetic words, they are also forms, which feed literary addicts. Enlightenment, although beyond concepts, is immediately within reach of your awareness.

Without using the world of form, how is it possible to go from the world of form to formlessness? Conversely, how is it possible to use the world of form to go to the world of formlessness? These are the essential practical questions that spiritual seekers need to have solved. I aim to explore answer these questions, book the live event ‘A Conversation to Awaken You’ on Sunday 3rd November or request a replay by email or contact-form.

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