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Dave O.
Tue, 29 Oct 2019

For a Real Breakthrough, Start with Zero Assumptions

Enlightenment is a unique Awakening that happens outside Form

Forget all concepts, including Enlightenment for just a moment, and kinaesthetically feel where the aim inside you is going. I’ll wager that it’s not going into the world of form, because it cannot, since it is outside of form, and anyway, it has no interest. That you were ever interested in form is an illusion played upon you by your mind, since it can only ever be interested in form – except until you find yourself within formlessness, at which point your mind finds itself out of its old job and has to knuckle down with the new, and true, regime: formlessness.

Until that happens, every apparent exit is in fact just an entrance back into somewhere else within form. Exciting, yes. Change, kind of. Breakthrough, nah. Real breakthroughs, in other words breakouts, are surprisingly rare these days. This is especially ironic since Awakening is, reportedly, supposedly so common that by next weekend everyone should be Enlightened. However, not all Awakenings are Enlightenment, since they pertain to the World of Form, whereas Enlightenment is a unique kind of Awakening that happens outside of the World of Form.

The spiritual marketplace is focused on form even when it espouses formlessness. Thus, its advice is likely to mislead and confuse you. For this reason, you should start again with zero assumptions.

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