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Dave O.
Wed, 30 Oct 2019

Continuously Offering the Ultimate Spiritual Breakthrough into Formlessness

In all sorts of ways, mainly non-verbal, I find myself attempting to make this experience conscious for others.

Although sometimes spectacular, many spiritual breakthroughs only crash through a wall into another prison cell. Whilst a change of decor may bring relief from daily monotony, the change is usually unpredictable and unappealing. Such breakthroughs cannot be considered even La Grande Vacance, let alone The Great Escape.

There is no perfect slipper. Swapping one shoe for another will only give Cinderella bunions. She needs to run shoeless, feeling the earth beneath her feet and the air between her toes.

Consciousness will never be satisfied with experiencing only form. It needs to be with Its own kind. Consciousness, resident within the human body, must return to Itself otherwise It forgets Itself. Experiencing this is essential, understanding this is unnecessary. I will gladly offer a more subtle and nuanced explanation than the pithy description above when everyone is settled, happy and satisfied, having taken care of life’s essentials. Be aware that conceptual hair-splitting is what some people do to avoid, not improve, the experience of life.

Yesterday evening, I wrote 2 articles around the topic of Ultimate Spiritual Breakthrough versus Pseudo-Spiritual Breakthroughs. Although the purpose was only to introduce the next live online video meeting, I felt that topic was under-described. The topic presumes that the reader consciously both experiences and does not experience both Form and Formlessness simultaneously to correctly understand and follow my reasoning and for it to be worthwhile. This seems a fruitless and pointless exercise, because anyone who has the experience has no need to read my descriptions or attend any event purposed toward having the experience.

In all sorts of ways, mainly non-verbal, I find myself attempting to make this experience conscious for others.

Join me in my attempt and pay particular attention to our communication that happens outside of words, book the live event ‘A Conversation to Awaken You’ on Sunday 3rd November or request a replay by email or contact-form.