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Dave O.
Wed, 30 Oct 2019

The Key to Remembrance

The Plan That You Set up

Many people have not arrived. I don’t mean no worldly success, but not arrived in their body. Unsatisfied, they hope to leave, never to return again, unaware that we don’t incarnate to leave, but to stay. There is no way out, for the way out is the way back in.

The problem and the solution are sequences. Residing eternally in Formlessness, one is underprepared to encounter Form which is imbued with the power of illusion of permanence and solidity. The problem sequence starts when the Forms are internalised and then superimposed by the mind upon the world of form, thus creating projections. The projections are comprised of after-images and past experiences. Such a mind objectifies itself, creating a false self, and is unable to directly perceive the World of Form and beyond, the Formless that gave rise to Form.

Fortunately, in the Formless you knew that this was going to happen and so created a way out. Not a way out of incarnation, but into a no-mind space, beyond the mind’s projections. The exit plan is deliberately designed to be unintelligible for the mind, since the false self, if it could find the plan, would sabotage it, rather than face its destruction. Instead the false self locks itself within the mind, and does everything possible to frustrate any attempt to find a key. Fortunately, the false self does not know what the key looks like or where it is. The Key starts a sequence of events, in and around the physical body that destabilise the false self and allow remembrance to return.

The Key that starts the solution sequence is in two parts: a shared key that is distributed simultaneously to all participating incarnations plus each participant’s own unique key. These two keys constantly change. Consequently, sending, receiving and assimilation has to happen simultaneously. Each participant has the ability to wholly send, receive and assimilate the Key if their channel is not blocked by (their own) false self. The Key exchange requires honesty, openness and utter vulnerability.

Sending, receiving and assimilation of the Key are synonymous with the phenomena of Enlightenment Transmission. The Enlightenment Transmission experience and phenomena intensify, releasing understanding into the mind, when we come together with no other agenda.

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