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Dave O.
Tue, 5 Nov 2019

Getting out of Your Head with Enlightenment Transmission

experience greater reality

Expecting your mind to get you out of your head is like trying to pull yourself up by your bootlaces. The False Identity, which has taken over your mind, feels unsafe about anything that it cannot label or define – basically, everything, including inner sensations and outer relationships. Ostensibly for reasons of security, your False Identity aims to keep you continuously entertained within a home theatre of the mind, in the hope that you will never notice what you have not missed. But you know that you are missing out. Consequently, your False Identity is desperately trying to erase any items Truth that you have found. Time is running out.

Fortunately, Enlightenment Transmission participants have several options for going outside of their mind to experience greater reality, including:

  • The Enlightenment Transmission, which can be contacted anywhere, anytime.
  • Contact with an enlightened Enlightenment Transmission-connected human being.
  • Oshana Energy-Work Method practice creating meditative energetic No Mind spaces.
  • Real-time guided meditative Enlightenment Transmission journeys.

Attend the live event ‘Self Remembering: A Guided Inter-Dimensional Awakening Meditation Journey’ on Sunday 10th November or request a replay by email or contact-form.