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Dave O.
Tue, 12 Nov 2019

They Went Out of Their Minds: Participant Feedback from the “Self Remembering” Online Meeting

Overwhelming feedback

Overwhelming feedback for this event from participants, some who went “out of their own minds” before returning to a world filled with wonder and awe. Possibly, a meditation MP3 will follow. The meeting video will be live streamed this Saturday. Email me, if you missed the meditation and want to see, hear and feel it.

Participant Feedback

“That was some Journey! I think I got on and off the “bus” about five times. I have no idea where I went or what I was doing although I have a vague recollection of being “somewhere”. ”

“At the beginning of the meditation I didn’t think I would able to get still and quiet enough, about halfway through I didn’t want to comeback, at the end, my body couldn’t wait to get moving.”

“…coming back into consciousness in stages, starting with a sense of just being, then space around me, then the body…”

“… pine trees and boulders seemed so light like they were made of styrofoam and could lift off the ground at any moment. ”

“a beautiful tour of what felt like home filled with peace and presence. Can’t wait to do it again.”

“An amazing event, dare I say a classic? (there have been quite a few classics of late!!).

“The meditation format had me going deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. I felt my awareness widen/broaden significantly as it went on. At times the journey felt really personalised or synchronised, with your words gently bringing me back when drifting off into dream-land (which I did a few times), chiding me when I was grabbing at the experience, and encouraging me when I got to an 'edge' but pulled back in resistance. ”

“The transmission was really strong, at times my body and nervous system felt like it was radiating with energy. The dream I recall involved me crossing a bridge where I was walking very slowly in terms of cadence, but moving faster than those around me - a similar sensation to skating. Thanks again Dave for guiding us on this brilliant event.”

“This meeting was so beyond what words can express but I will try.”

“A Divine Being lovingly took me on an intimate tour of inner realms.”

“What was revealed was how the life force moves in and around this energy body which appears solid.”

“The inner journey was familiar, it felt like home, a joyous return with clarity.

It seemed you knew just what to say, aligned with what I needed in that moment.

I feel filled with love and deep peace.”

“The mind is quieter, the body at ease. I am more at home in my body.”

“There was a subtle awareness, presence as I slept last night.”

“You were clearly present as Dave and the highest....a perfect marriage, totally intimate as one.  I didn't look at you much but knew you were 100% there.  An open channel tuned into “me”....the multiple me-s.  Words feel clumsy here.  Thank you for this deep sharing and deep love to do so.  The slow pace allowed each word and image time to penetrate.”

“I noticed at the start a definite increase in bubbly sensation, perhaps stronger than I have ever experienced, so I knew ‘game on’. That level maintained the entire time. In this relaxed state I was able to slip into higher dimensions which seem like sleep but are not.”

“About an hour later I experienced a new level of transmissions that were like repeating waves which kept coming all night, each lasting for a solid duration. These had a new indescribable subtle sensation that can’t be articulated but are always for my good.”

“Your efforts were a big success for me and I am thrilled to be in your ‘school’ of advanced awareness.”

“Really super special. Of all the different therapies and meditations I have done, this just took me straight, 'out of my mind' and into a dimension that I had imagined but could never access. I also let go of so much holding in my body. It’s still with me a day later. Difficult to see how I can go back again to what was. So very relieved, peaceful and happy to see a new version of myself and the world. I spent a lot of time outside today and connected so deeply with nature and felt I could be with something close by or away up in the far mountains if I wanted to by just turning my attention there. Loved it!!! ”

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