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Dave O.
Mon, 13 Jan 2020

Group Enlightenment Recipe: Mix One Spicy Mélange

Bringing Enlightenment to the group

It doesn't make sense until you are within it
It doesn't make sense until you are within it

Could the consequences of wrong ideas about Enlightenment delay of humanity’s freedom, liberation, appreciation of truth and beauty, and accelerate a descent into hellish conditions?

Enlightenment is the natural state, free from artificiality, distortion and limitation. Messing with the delicately balanced ecosystem of the individual creates a global mess on the human world stage, as surely as putting the wrong food in the gut shows up as a pimple on the face, or worse.

Whilst the macro situation may seem beyond the control of any one individual, the micro level should be easily manageable. Unfortunately, the proper management of personal affairs is almost always elusive.

To put the house - in order - to attain Enlightenment, certain foundational principles relating to relating, environment and eating are required. We are going where no man who has ever gone before nor returned with a guaranteed ‘rinse and repeat’ Enlightenment formula. Enlightenment is a moving target requiring a precisely timed alignment of individual innards and Existence’s existential ponderings. The same path cannot appear twice. Consequently, Enlightenment seekers require principles, not specific details, to brook the unimaginable.

Enlightenment is not a solitary quest, but like many human endeavours depends on others. How else could you have known about the existence of Enlightenment? And yet conversely, how else could you have got so confused?

Within every individual is a denial mechanism that blocks clear seeing. Fortunately, there is something within everyone that knows how to discover Truth. Coming together as a group can either frustrate or facilitate Enlightenment. By reducing conditioned human error (trapped within the psyche) and bringing core purity to the surface, individuals can support one another. This is what is meant by “mixing the mélange ”.

Each individual has part of a key. When all of the parts are assembled a lock can be opened and Enlightenment can be accessed. One individual may go first, and if all are group members remain open then Enlightenment can be distributed. The idea of sacrificing and then eating a god, the Enlightened One, is the weird ritualistic corollary of this in some religious traditions.

In Sunday's live online event* ‘Group Enlightenment Principles: Mixing the Mélange’ we will be  bringing the pure essence of every individual to the surface to create the possibility of Enlightenment. When it is realised that Enlightenment can happen anywhere then the chances of it happening are improved.

*Email or contact us for a replay time.