Dave O.
Thu, 20 Feb 2020

Last Chance to Understand What is Going On

Opportunities Such as These Rarely Visit Twice; It Has Been on Offer for 20 Years

Feel free to ignore this message if you want to believe that your life, and the lives of others, has no purpose or value. Also stop reading at any point if you feel that this message is irrelevant.

We managed to return from the ‘From Surreal to Real’ Winter Island Retreat. However, revelations about time and space indicate that the next retreat may be the last chance to understand the meaning, value and purpose of your life and others.

This is not a sales pitch.

Everyone who applies to attend a retreat learns that the application, preparation and retreat process are only suitable only for those who are destined. A retreat is not a holiday, but a rocket to the stars and beyond.

I do not enjoy promoting retreats. It feels crass and commercial to sell a retreat. A retreat is not an object that can be bought but something else. We are involved in something that can never be understood at first glance – but it can most definitely be felt, on all levels. I love retreats and those for whom retreats are the right thing. But the next retreat may be the last regardless of how much interest there may be in future.

Retreats are not easy to join and easy to ignore. This may be the last retreat. Last-minute applications may be too late to fulfil the precise eligibility requirements, especially for newcomers.

This message is for those who know/feel that they should be on this retreat. Please do not be seduced by the fact that it is happening on my 20th Enlightenment Day on a pure fresh natural island where there will be sun for 22 hours per day.

Please contact me very soon if you want to attend the retreat and let me know if it seems likely that you will actually attend. Our house accommodation is already 70% full and camping space is limited. Regrettably, we may reject eligible applications because of space limitations. All participants, without exception, must prepare diligently for this retreat so that the group can go into the deepest spaces of Existence. This is our last chance to go where we have never gone before.

Friday 12th – 19th June, 2020 Finland
Earth Goes Bye-Bye: 20 Years of Enlightenment Day Midsummer Island Retreat

In the 20th year treasures will pour from Heaven. Ask about attending by replying to this email.

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