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Dave O.
Tue, 10 Mar 2020

Ancestral Cries Tainted Blood Seeking Salvation

Learn this, if you want to save the human race from dying ignobly - once again.

I am going off the reservation and out on a Shirley MacLaine limb with this topic because language is broken, science is limited and our leaders lie. Consequently, communication is difficult, perceptions faulty, reasoning flawed and the possible made impossible by the fear of being different. When the ship goes down and everybody drowns, no one will question whether you looked good. Your real-time value has ended. Save the ship from going down and no one will question whether you looked right.

The ship of humanity is going down. A generational blood infection is spreading, making everyone crazy. It follows an ancient principle that whomsoever the gods will destroy they first make crazy. Blood is more difficult to clean than mud because it is hidden, dissolved, distributed and interior. The perfect way to destroy a population is to infect the blood with the equivalent genetic-reproducing rat poison, thence the biological imperative to procreate is constantly subverted by  contamination risk.

The taint in our blood cannot be washed out by biological chemicals, though the pharmaceutical industry tries to sell promissory pills that way. Our problems are much more complicated and malevolently intelligently organised than any dumb pill could ever be a magic bullet to resolve.

Over the decades we have discovered that the emperor has no clothes and that the Wizard of Oz is an impotent man, as psychiatric drugs claiming to restore chemical balance to the brain have not only failed but produced innumerable serious medical, cognitive and behavioural problems. Rat poison masquerading as medicine as we are exhorted to fight for peace and die to survive. An abundance of satirical oxymorons liberally and literally applied for human population control. The anti-human, anti-life force intelligence at work, culminates in cold AI. In computer space, no one can hear you scream – there is no person at the other end of the phone. Every person already has a machine to interact with, the mobile phone, the intermediary that blocks the connection between life and life, between you and me.

We are here to exchange life-giving healing energy, but technology saps the human bio-field, primarily with electrical emitting devices, such as cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, neon tubes and bad circuitry (all producing EMF and EMR). We are struck dumb and numb, unable to use our inner senses, we cannot course correct, nor heal one another. Technology triumphs, humanity harmed.

It’s true that our problems reside in our chemistry, but not a chemistry that man-made drugs can solve. Nature, on the other hand, helps us immensely – and always has. However, nature’s rich pharmacy is being misused and destroyed. Out of preservation the plants and their special knowledge are hiding themselves from ravage, rape, pillage and destruction.

Nature has intelligent design. Our inherited problems have an intelligence of their own. It will take intelligence to resolve them. In my next live online event, I will experientially explore how to gain this intelligence in ‘Healing Humanity’s Tainted Inter-Generational Ancestral Blood’.

If you are unable to attend this event you may request a replay at any time by emailing me or else using the contact form. If you want to save the human race from dying ignobly once again then you will learn this - sooner or later – the choice is yours. Decide now.