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Dave O.
Fri, 20 Mar 2020

Spiritual Breakthroughs, COVID-19 Lockdowns and Service to Humanity

When work breaks down, servers step up.

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Sharing is caring!

Assuming that everyone is boxed in, you limit your ability to help if you enter the box and lose the way out. That’s your current situation. You came into this world with all of the best intentions, but now find yourself captive to a mind that is lost and not knowing the way forward. Basically, you came to serve and then lost your nerve.

Ironically and paradoxically, as the long-awaited prophesized shit hits the fan, courtesy of the mysterious and curiously named “COVID-19”, Enlightenment Transmission participants are reporting remarkable breakthroughs. Possibly, everyone else is too. No work and all play is a game changer. [And makes Jack a very droll boy. There’s a lot of humour potential in all this new content, but I don’t want it to distract from the very serious special changes that are happening.]

Notice that some viruses arrive as seasons change. COVID-19 has appeared after a period of upheaval, turmoil and uncertainty, a loosening that is now bringing forth fruit. You are the fruit. For a long period of time you were unable to access your special powers and abilities. You were oppressed, and impressed by the wrong things. But now you have grown weary of those illusions and tired of feeling fearful. Though the shackles and punishments still exist, they feel further away. That distance allows you to choose, consciously.

As you choose the correct path, which simply means where you place your attention, at first, new and true perceptions start to flood into your awareness, giving you the ability to see that what you once believed as truths, our lives, are lies.

Something, as old as Babel, interjected itself between the various parts of the human body, thereby creating approximately 7.5 billion seeming-individuals who exist in isolation and despair, and can be exploited. But is the COVID-19 making us fall apart or bringing us all together? Will COVID-19 soon be followed by another virus? Will that virus be of man-made, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial origin?

If you close your eyes and feel with every part of your being, you can tune into COVID-19 and its association with the human race and rights. Not all all viruses and bacteria are health risks. Some are health-supporting. Have man-made pollutants weakened the body and effectively weaponised COVID-19? This is what out-of-the-box thinking looks like. There is no reason to stay in the box, which is a coffin, by which the end comes by coughing.

More important than stressing about living a few days longer, is having lived at all. Clearly, a hysterical viral panic has seized the very lives and organs of some individuals, even spiritual types. The airwaves are full of impassioned rhetoric and not much else. Now is a good time to study the energetics of a civilisation in breakdown, as it goes into lockdown.

Something new is breaking in, while others are worry about breaking out - beyond the firewalls of the virus to colonise new lands, and even planets. There is probably nowhere on earth that can escape the viral signature, because anywhere where the sun can reach, so too can the virus. We are all steeping in Corona virus. Those who have been already weakened by bad living were and are always a risk of fatality, from any cause, including news of a stock market crash.

I am a conduit for this information because those who are receiving it are not passing it on. They should get together and learn how to share, not by using the broken languages of this world but the inner original languages, and build bridges. Until then I am an interpreter. I didn’t want to be but water is essential to make a good porridge.

The openings I have facilitated have been highly valued within our Enlightenment Transmission group but seldom shared beyond. This separation afforded protection for seedlings growing in new knowledge. But now is the time to act, whilst the iron is hot, though less about doing and more about receiving. You need to include humanity emancipation, at least once a day, in your prayers.

The first 4 pillars of the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching have developed you: Transmission, Teacher, Oshana Energy-Work Method and Lifestyle Advice. Now, in the 20th year, the 5th pillar begins: Service to Humanity.

First you have to fully understand what humanity is. Humanity is one living organism. Erroneous concepts of space and time confused the human mind and created the illusion of separation from one another. Your humanity is everyone’s humanity and everyone’s humanity is your humanity.

Our own Enlightenment Transmission programs are expanding. Aside from the publicized online online and real-world events, there are also unpublicized online group gatherings to watch replays and to share face-to-face that can be joined upon email request. There is a free online event on 4.42020 ‘World's End Party: Free Enlightenment Transmission Meet & Greet’. Consider inviting everyone who you know, and I will consider expanding the bandwidth limits. These are the last days, don’t look back, be here, now, at least for the first time ever - and come together right now.