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Dave O.
Tue, 24 Mar 2020

Waking Up in the COVID-19 Era

Take Advantage of a Moment of Confusion before Certainty Covers the Exits

Waking Up At All Costs
Waking Up At All Costs

What would life be like if the concept “COVID-19” had never been created? The intellectualized concept of the virus has a life of its own, altogether different from the life of the actual virus.

The actual virus is a humble organism in contrast to the virus concept, which is a huge character on the world stage where the narrative is that David is beating Goliath. However, Goliath is changing our lifestyle, news, healthcare and economics.

Some fear that the cure is worse than the disease and that humanity may never be the same again. But then, some of us were always changing, and always will and may presume that others are changing when, essentially, they are not. You came to this life, knowing in advance that you would pass through a hellhole sewer (formerly a garden of paradise). The latest ebullient effluent should not come as a surprise but as a confirmation, if any more were needed.

What you could do, as the huge lumbering ship of controlled humanity turns around, is take advantage of the pause in the hypnotic robotic workflow of societal life before the quarantining gates of isolation and enforced immunisation finally come down.

Rediscover why you are here, so that you can fulfil as much as your purpose as possible. No socially conditioned person is interested in you reaching your full potential. Ironically, only when everyone has reached their full potential will humanity be saved. Society, though, is looking the other way, and only interested in forcing you to go that way too. You have the choice to make: to follow your old socially conditioned self or to break out of the box that all social human beings are born into and stay unto death.

Our value is in waking each other up. Come together and tell the truth. I have several things to tell and show you.