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Dave O.
Tue, 31 Mar 2020

Infected! The Socially Engineered Virus That Can Destroy Your Soul

If tackled, governments would fall.

What really goes on ?
Enlightenment Transmission Removes Blindfold

Wondering why we still do not have peace, love and harmony?

We expect our public institutions to serve, not ruin, us. However, we find that our natural desire for love, joy and harmony runs counter to their hidden objectives, and that no court will enforce their noble public-facing mission statements. We live in a society constructed from lies that seeks to protect itself from discovery, rolling tanks over its population, if that is what it takes to preserve its illusions.

On a personal level we are not immune. Since we are inter-connected, we are infected. Psychological (and energetic) immune systems are bombarded to the point of collapse, before, during and after birth through enforced education, social programming, economic slavery and environmental toxins. The most resistant subjects are sent to covert re-education camps utilising more intense punishment/reward, stress systems, such as: the stock market trading floor (cold, callous, intoxicated pseudo-snobbery and actual robbery), the military (requires no explanation), crime (it pays), prison (education for failed criminals) and psychiatric incarceration (when all else fails) – all of which encourage substance abuse, for fun and profit. For the mainstream: TV, family and peer pressure are sufficient to shut down the mind and reroute the life-force toward unhealthy, life-denying activities.

How has this impacted your life and those around you?

What kind of energy do you sense when others are lying? What kind of energetic reaction does it cause in you? Does it make you “mad”? Do you sometimes “blow up”? How does this affect the “other”?

Deception infects everything. It affected the recent ‘Spiritually Taboo: Sexual Energy: Good, Bad and Ugly: Uses, Misuses and Abuses’ exploration of sex - a natural subject hampered by unawareness and made overly-complex, perverse and misunderstood by existing taboo, and until recently, the law. Crucially, sex, love and intimacy have been infected by shame, guilt and fear, which is more devastating than any repressive law, destroying from the inside trusting, loving, supportive relationships.  The real crisis in human sexual relationships is not technique but energetic.

Lying wreaks havoc on the energy of sex, intimacy and healthy communication. A person who can go neither within nor without is isolated, bereft of contact with their own life force energy, and the life-giving and life-affirming energy of others - their incarnation, their raison d’être, slowly wither and dies, instead of blossoms and blooms.

Lying hurts the individual and their networks. The energy of lying seeks to propagate itself and cause blindness by covering, distorting and removing, thereby destroying minds, individuals, nervous systems and societies.

The COVID-19 panic reveals how people live in a perpetual state of hysteria of being infected because they already are. Many are predicted to have undiagnosed COVID-19, and other viruses, and be symptom-free. But there is something more dangerous than a human virus, an undetected pathogen that covers its own track, has an almost perfect 100% infection rate and the power to destroy souls. The lying virus causes pain, inflammation, delirium, irrational and antisocial behaviour, disease and finally premature death. If it were tackled then governments would fall.

If you are concerned about the effects of lying on yourself and others and wish for human harmony and loving relationships, watch the investigation live online here:
Lying: The Insanely Inflammatory Virus Destroying the Energetics of Humanity


Note 1: The headline was designed to be punchy and succinct. In fact, no virus can destroy your soul, but it can destroy the connection between the soul and your body, effectively killing your incarnation.

Note 2: When this article was finished, open but not yet uploaded, my computer crashed – a rare event - twice.