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Dave O.
Tue, 7 Apr 2020

Notes from ‘Spiritually Taboo: Sexual Energy: Good, Bad and Ugly: Uses, Misuses and Abuses’ (almost verbatim)

Naughty! Revealing of Secret Revelations

Extensive participant notes from ‘Spiritually Taboo: Sexual Energy: Good, Bad and Ugly: Uses, Misuses and Abuses’ (which is available for replay booking):

What really starts sex?

What does a sperm have in common with a man? What does his lumbar dorsal movement have in common with a wiggling sperm?

The sperm is running a race of its life – if it doesn’t succeed it doesn’t get to form a body that receives a soul

If it meets the egg it will be sublimated, transmuted – it will disappear

The body is empty then it receives the human soul

If the spirit body has gaps or holes it doesn’t make perfect contact with the skin – if it doesn’t fill up the body there is an area of unconsciousness – the spirit contains the consciousness

Immunity is where the life force is pumping inside the body so the body pushes out so nothing comes in

If you collapse that is where bad energy can come in

The man and woman may go into moments of unconsciousness during sex – so they are not really noticing what is happening

Sex has become impure

Sex contains many forms of communication – all energy centres are pushed together – getting inside the other person’s energy

The energy goes out through the penis and up through the woman’s body – not talking about ejaculation – a man can choose how far his energy goes inside a woman’s body

Why has nature created it so that a woman is physically a receiver of energy? – this is exactly the same thing that happens with the sperm and egg

Why does a man feel drained or irritable after ejaculation? – is he really ready to lose everything?

He is involved in what could be a one time deal

The man is supposed to completely disappear

The man is usually looking not to merge – making sure not to get pulled in or give their heart over – fear of merging

The purpose of the man is often to give some of his energy but not all of it – to not really merge

Guys are often doing numbers in their head – he has a formula

The woman knows the game but she is hoping to catch the guy

If you really want to live, and have others enjoy you, you have to break the pattern

The mould is a fixed form that you’ve agreed to adopt

Because there is a level of deception between people we never really get to find what sex is about

Humans may have started with a single sperm and a single egg – both were really good and pure – build a man and woman around each of these

200,000 generations later that is not going on – the purity has become impurity

Sex is usually something that stands out in a person’s mind as there is a lot of noise around it – it is powerful trip

Is sex truly pleasurable? A person wants to leak off some of their energy but are they right to do it?

People’s emotions and sexual energy are being hyper stimulated by social forces

A person is being stimulated but not by a person they are in love with – they are stimulated electronically and through images

People are in a hyper stimulated state where they are churning and turning their sexual energy over

Where is their sexual energy going? It’s not going towards any specific special purpose that has been given to them

You can’t really separate sexual energy from the life force energy – it has been split off into a single energy in the human mind

You cannot control life – you cannot control a person’s life force energy

Sex becomes a formula – there is no investigation into what it really is

The woman wants the man to chase her – to do the little sperm dance – she wants to feel he can’t see anything else

If a man has been trained to only be into looks then he will try to swap her out as she gets older

The sperm can’t go egg shopping

The man has to follow the woman all the way back to the original mystery

The woman wants to be contacted on all levels- the man has not really got home until he has got through all the trials and tests

There is an assault course around every soul – trauma, shock and distraction

If a couple don’t have frequent quiet moments together they are not connecting

We have to have good connections with everything and everyone – humanity is one organism

Humanity is already weakened – the immune system is already compromised

People have a tendency to invite in bad influences

There's a choice where you put your mind – it is capitulating to dark forces to always be giving your energy to them – it’s not going to make you happy or healthy

It’s a daily practice to discontinue the melancholic mind – bad memories can come up at any time – a jangly effect in your nervous system – you need your life force to push it out

You can start by filling yourself up with a lot of breath

To reprogram is not to program – when it comes to sex it means having no idea what is going to happen – have no idea that anything sexual will happen

Being naked means you can see each other beyond the mask and programming – with no idea that sex will happen

The programming says you have to have sex when you are naked together

Every person’s sexual point of view is often just another fragment of sex

The person who has sex by the numbers is no better than someone experimenting in ‘kinky business’

People are often doing sex not for sex but for something else – sex is being reprogrammed to produce something else

If you haven’t been having love in your life, you can’t call sex lovemaking – your engine is not running on love

Is it lovemaking or an attempt to make love? – is it 100% love or a wish for love?

It isn’t lovemaking if there isn’t pure 100% love before during and forever after the sex

Love is the harmonisation of existence, and the harmonisation of existence supports life

Love is the harmonisation of where life wants to go – a person is a bystander, they are getting to witness life to a degree

What gets in the way of pure love coming out is the various programs – the shape of a person’s love is coming out in a particular form – another person can find inhospitable, disturbing

People in the group are insensitive of how to deliver to one another

For love to come through us it requires the awareness that understands that you not are here to control or dominate other people, or to be passive aggressive and moan and whine – there are passive ways to control people – none of that can work for the natural energy to flow

If you want to really know someone’s love you can’t put any conditions on the other person – if they lovingly sacrifice to you but not to the whole of existence then it is inviable

You, your children and partner are all part of existence

For healing to happen all of the conditions have to be taken off of the person you are relating to

Structure is the killer – if you want structure you are not going to get freedom, or find out about true spontaneity and creativity

Only randomisation can surprise the programming – don’t keep sighing, aching and moaning

Your identity is the deepest valley inside you

If your lifestyle is evidence that you are a singular identity you are encoding it into yourself all of the time

The original sperm wasn’t motivated by fear – it wiggled and waggled out of the joy of moving

The timing of existence has to be perfectly on time

If you follow rigid behaviours the divine timing can’t really work through you – it means souls may come in prematurely or late

Enough love means being able to tune into where everything is supposed to be

Human beings usually mess up the timing by refusing to be spontaneous – their spirit isn’t moving freely into all of the places

The guards and protections in the mind go a bit haywire during sex

Whatever toxins are in a person’s body can appear in the sexual fluids – they are energy forms

During sex it’s impossible to not absorb energies

All your ancestral energies come into contact during sex – they are negotiating with each other – are the energies right?

We get so hypnotised by survival that we don’t pay attention to the energy anymore

As long as there is sexual abuse going on it affects everyone's sex life

Enlightenment is not following the script you have been given to follow – fear is the prison guard

Unavoidably we are eating each other’s pain

You have to be able calm down your body so your hungry ghosts leave you – other people are trying to infect you with their hungry ghosts