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Dave O.
Tue, 14 Apr 2020

Participant Feedback: Enlightenment Transmission Easter Weekend Unlike No Other

Glimpses of life, death and resurrection through Enlightenment Transmission healings

Selected excerpts from participant feedback following the "Enlightenment Transmission Easter Weekend Unlike No Other" meetings: ‘Easter: Generational Sex & Death’ & ‘Easter: Resurrection Blips’.

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Written on Water: Zero Footprint Capturing the Uncapturable

Another great event. Everything you said was ‘written on water’. All that was left was feeling.

After, I could feel the mind trying to grasp a memory (of anything) to hold onto. I am really starting to see the way it works and being OK with not knowing and operating in ‘flux’. There is a lot of space, and what I had thought of as emptiness now feels like potential.

Spontaneous: Healing, Connecting, Dreaming, Remembrances and Unusual Rest

Easter Weekend was fantastic! A few days prior to, and throughout Saturday, my hands were constantly working, clearing and detoxing areas severely damaged in accidents, all of which I’d forgotten about.

I fell asleep for almost 3 hours after Saturday’s event, though I am not someone who naps, ever. I wouldn’t call it regular sleep though; more like integrated healing.

On Sunday, I felt recharged and my hands were constantly clearing and working deeply areas that have been jammed together for years. When you had everyone sing that song the first time, I literally could not remember the words or tune, so unlike me!! Instead I felt my third eye start whirling, got a pain in my left temple which left when people stopped singing. Then I fell asleep but again it was an energetic healing sleep, not regular sleep for about an hour. Even at the end I could not retain the words or tune to the song.

Both nights my “dreams” we’re quite cathartic and spectacular. I don’t dream regular anymore, each was quite healing and personal.

I enjoy the other participants, and seem to be communicating with them nonverbally, though I don’t know if they are aware of it. For me, working with the Enlightenment Transmission has provided direct, tangible healing miracles on every level: physical, mental emotional and spiritual.

When I first saw a couple of your energy techniques, I didn’t understand how important they were to clear out the body. In fact, I thought they were a waste of time. Was I wrong! My body is now clearing itself all day and night, which leaves me feeling lighter, healthier and energized. I feel the healthy vibrations head to toe.

It always strikes me that no matter how much I enjoy your words, I would be hard pressed to remember most of them beyond the moment - for me it’s the feeling and I don’t have words to describe that feeling other than beautiful.

Intense, Irreverent, Wide-Ranging, Personal, Liberating, Long Sleep and Dreams

I liked the vibe of the classes. It felt peaceful, relaxed, humorous, and yet at times intensely focused. I felt that the message was a culmination of themes we've been exploring this season. For example, the analogy of being a neuron, and deciding to only pass on good things to other neurons, in order to turn around the inevitable demise of humanity. Also, it was very clearly explained how we as consciousness is not the identity, which is something that is programmed into our nervous system. I was sort of shocked at the idea that my awareness is so confined to my small identity, 5 senses, and that in another reality I'm blind, deaf, and lost. I liked the idea that being vulnerable and honest is the polite thing to do, as opposed to suppressing our feelings in order to be "polite" in a mainstream societal way.

The meeting felt especially irreverent, wide-ranging, personal, and intense. Yet I appreciated the parts where Dave talked about not wanting to tell people how to live their lives. So it was very informative yet liberating from any particular piece of information.

I liked the part about how we have to move along down the runway and get enough lift for take-off. Contrast that analogy to the one about how our planes are going down. But either analogy works - there has to be an intent to change. Alongside that the idea about randomizing things to shake us loose out of our ruts, which have become a deep valley of our identity, that we are constantly making deeper by reliving memories and traumas thousands of times a day. And I agree with the idea that we as a society are way too distracted.

I slept very long both nights, and felt sluggish in the morning. But then I gradually felt better as I woke up and got outside for a while. After Sunday's call, I woke up in the middle of the night and had to do some stretching on the floor and deep breathing for a half-hour, because my body felt so anxious. My dreams were strange and filled with struggle. I had a dream about being in prison the other night, which felt very resonant with the idea that we are in a sort of psychological prison inside ourselves.

Sensations Is What It’s All About Now, Long Refreshing Sleep and Dreams

Both events were genuinely fun, full of energy and pleasant to witness/participate in. Important information was conveyed (shame you couldn’t expanded on some of the topics) but presented in a way that I could have listened for even longer. Light manner, heavy topics, insightful. Perfect presentation.

During the first free event last year I started having physical sensations unlike ever before, at least not when sober. Since then, I get them on Zoom meetings with Jasun, when I chat to one of my mates, when I have time to myself, and as I type now or rather when writing about having said sensations. The difference is that they came on stronger than ever and with greater clarity (e.g. I could not only feel my sinus channels clearly, I could smell them from the inside). All the sensations were prominent in my head, but on Sunday before the event they were trying to come down into my chest. I realized that they were actually happening in the whole of my upper body but that I was more fascinated with being spoonered [Spoonerism], light headed, being high, etc. I had a conversation with a friend on Sunday afternoon without having a single thought, he assured me that everything I said was intelligible and I understood him perfectly. For me it’s all about the physical sensations now. Interestingly, the sensations were more powerful between sessions and completely subsided during the events although I was very calm and had even breathing which is unlike me in general. Although, I’m trying to avoid intellectual speculation, nevertheless, a few important gems from the weekend which don’t lead to further questions (paraphrased):

  • Your fantasy, it's not going to happen!
  • The false identity is impermanent, it blips in and out. You only notice it when it switches on. The “I” claims consistency but if you had another point of reference you'd know that it's not always present.
  • Human beings are not persons but bodies that host a collective, fragmented human spirit, a common life force.
  • To feel all means to also feel the negative. Being completely open means being vulnerable but it prevents the negative from sticking because it gets processed.
  • Being open means to be in constant suspense. We prefer to be on autopilot.
  • Physical movement, making sound and energy exercise are required to shed the negative.

I didn’t prepare properly for Saturday, so I fell asleep soon after the event and slept like a log for 13 hours all the while dreaming, making sure I don’t forget, the first two bullet points mentioned above. I was as high as a kite all Sunday, buzzing gloriously wondering how to enter and maintain the state and what to do with it. Which part of me can be trusted to pursue the sensations. In general, I felt physically, mentally and emotionally better after the events than I did prior.

10/10, would recommend!

Fizzing Temples, Only Seeing Eyes & An Overwhelming Cleared Head

At a certain point in the meeting I was just staring at you intensely. My vision went a bit funny, the laptop screen darkened around you until there was only your face or eyes 👀 this went on for about 15 minutes, I think, then stopped.

I cannot remember the second half of the Sunday meet at all.

After my temples were fizzing. I felt a bit overwhelmed. My fever and headache were practically gone.

It was hard to sleep after. Maybe a walk would have been better than staring at the ceiling!

As I tried to sleep, when my eyes closed. My peripheral vision on the left side there was a (black darkness) door opening and closing. A faint green light was appearing spreading out around the black door. It was very intense. I could not settle. I put on sleep blindfold then orange lights appeared on my right side of my peripheral vision when my eyes closed. Eventually it all stopped.

This intense meeting left "me" in disarray. My false identity I guess seemed to want to list out a bunch of stuff on the various pitiful stages of my life.It wanted me to listen to a whole pile of nonsense, I ignored this list. It didn't seem valuable.

The first thing after the interaction that I was going to say is that I miss that spontaneous choosing without thinking the right thing. It is an amazing feeling of just going with the flow and picking something that feels right at that time and going with it. I remember moments like this. Really want to live this buzz again.

The value of honest sharing was something else that I wrote down after as well. The honest sharing spoken after this poem [video link] by two men seemed to wake me up to the beautiful value to sincerely respect others and appreciate each other’s worth. The poem funnily enough seemed to encapsulate some of your teachings over the last several weeks. I came across it today. I don't listen to much stuff at the moment, so it was refreshing. I was overwhelmed by the poem.