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Dave O.
Thu, 30 Apr 2020

Babel: Population 7.8 Billion, Only 1 Mind Disrupted

We converge harmonically or diverge chaotically.

Channel Hopping
Channel Hopping

Society and the individual exist in a mutually reinforcing state of constant disruption, distraction and seduction. The result of this reciprocal relationship is a self-perpetuating wave of destructive oscillation that moves everything from its proper position. In a continuously scrambled state of high alert, confusion and disorientation, signal-seeking perceptual apparatus seek to make sense of an incessant barrage of misinformation.

When the voice of the Creator recedes from the hearts and minds of men, the select receivers retreat to the silent places on God’s Earth, to catch a glimpse of that still, quiet voice within.

Together, we have made Babylon, population 7.8 billion. And together, we could create a signal that will erase Babel from our consciousness — because Babel is a disrupted state of mutual mind, the one human mind. Either, we continue to build Babel or we put down our tools and dismantle the bricks that have been placed one upon other with sorcery. Unable to hear the voice of God, we have turned to manipulated tools of modern mass divination: the guru, expert, advertising, alcohol, drugs, mainstream media, search engines, social media and the cell phone — and God’s voice is not there.

Either we converge harmonically or we continue to diverge chaotically. The former represents life, the latter mutually assured destruction. It’s too late to save yourself, your demise is already written — but you could unselfishly save billions coming down the incarnational pipeline to planet Earth.

Start to become aware of how you are prone to disruption, and then reverse the wave. Detection results from an all-encompassing aesthetic appreciation of nature – allowing the light of consciousness to reach all areas of awareness. Start with sensation, because sensation is life, in contrast to knowledge, which are the building blocks of Babylon. Every time you use Babylon’s broken language you thrust that Tower of Babel ever deeper into the feminine psyche of Existence.

We are now entering, in this season’s online series of investigations, into the substrata of cognition, the underbelly of the Beast on which the Whore of Babylon rides astride, populating the planet with lost minds willing to do her bidding. No one is unaffected, everyone has been infected, including your loved ones. Disinfection whilst painful, is absolutely necessary.

The clean-up could get torturously messy, as ancestral phantoms of Christmas past, evocatively haunt your forward progress. If you cannot handle the fauda (chaos) of unprecedented spiritual warfare, then sit this one out in a warm bath, incessantly praying that Heaven and Earth still exist when it’s over. If you are coming along then leave your ID tags and your ideas at home. We have never faced this situation before!

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