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Dave O.
Fri, 8 May 2020

Exploring the Unpalatable Truth of the Ancestral Goop Field

No one enters our group randomly – everyone has a purpose.


We are, in fact, one life essence, co-mingled and guided by Enlightenment Transmission regardless of external circumstances. When we relax the illusory fixed personal identity that seeks to survive by denying the evident truth that manifest reality is constant changing, then we become sensitive to the plight of the ancestral soup that we have always been in, the burial ground of intermingled genetic memory. Our interactions are not random. The only choice is to become conscious.


The Enlightenment Transmission has an agenda involving you. Collectively, we are the life-force field that is the Enlightenment Transmission. Not our identities, but our co-mingled life essences, which are, in fact, one life essence.

Viruses, lockdowns, travel restrictions – or not – the Enlightenment Transmission is transforming the life-force field. You can either see yourself as an object that receives those effects of the Enlightenment Transmission or as the cause that brings transformation (you are, in fact, both and not quite either). This is not with reference to your human body, behaviour or relationships, although they will be affected by the life-force field, but a deep inner place that truly understands.

To be honest, the average person does not want to understand. Truth challenges their illusion. Generally, you want to be average: to fit in. As one participant opined: this “work” will not put food on the table. Certainly, it is not purposed for that. But whilst it does not include survival as a priority, neither does it preclude it. Evidently we did not come here to individually survive. However the effect of our short time here will affect the rest of forever.

When we release ourselves from cultural concerns for the body, leaving behind selfish preoccupations, we become conscious of the bigger picture: Life. An openness and sensitivity to Life brings the plight of the ancestral goop to our attention, which for a long time has been an unconscious ancestral burial ground for intermingled genetic memory, an ignored cesspit. In each subsequent generation, the ancestral goop gets recycled – and when nothing changes, it concentrates and gets bitterer and bitterer.

Would we want to ignore that ancestral cesspit? We have and still do. For that reason alone, we are extremely reticent to go anywhere near the subject, and have constructed invisible walls, barricades and punishments to ensure that no one sniffs the worm can. We, however, are going in. In fact, we are already deep within. With age it dawns upon a person, as they pay attention to the diminishing air and light quality – they are deep within a fetid labyrinth.

Individually, you can’t solve this problem. Each one of us holds part of the ancestral memory about how we got here. Like it or not, finding the solution involves going into each other. It brings me no joy to inform you of this, but it brings me no real challenge either, because I know that you are already unconsciously doing it. Now is the time to get conscious about all existing interconnections and influences.

I have long known that no one enters our group randomly – everyone has a purpose. From the outside, that purpose might not be clear. Appearances can be deceptive. External behaviours change from moment to moment, thereby confusing discernment and obscuring interpersonal purposes. What we see with our eyes is a far cry from the ancestral goop, but the ancestral goop is responsible for nearly everything we see — and yet we know that goop not. But from now on, we are going to become aware. You will butt up against all of the reasons why this has remained beneath the level of your conscious awareness and never entered your worldview. I am trusting that you are ready and will not flee, fight, faint, feign, fall over or freeze — not for so long, at least, that we have to stretcher you out. We are already way outside of the known map, but within a territory that will reveal itself as oh-so familiar, if you stay long enough in the field. I know I don’t have an option to abstain – and you only think you do.

Some points to ponder:

  • How many feelings can you sense?
  • Which inner sensations bother you?
  • Are inner voices/words/beliefs aligned with the sensations? Which comes first?
  • Are there people who seem related to a pattern of uncomfortable sensations within you?
  • Do you under- or over-react?
  • When you dream that the dead are still alive, what is being communicated by the dream?
  • Can you see a person's ancestral influences? Can you see your own?
  • Does it seem that some human things never change?
  • What has drawn you to this event? Keep looking for the forces.
  • Can you stay awake and relaxed?
  • Can you communicate without words?
  • Are you more involved and connected than you realise?

[This article was written on the eve of a special online ancestral meeting. To get on the special-invites list, get involved!]