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Dave O.
Tue, 12 May 2020

Debugging Unreality: Because Reality Is Broken

A Roadside Stop on the Way to Truth to Sightsee the Perversions of Unreality

Somewhat Lost Seeker: “Sorry to bother you. Is Unreality near here?”

Native Local: “You are in it, man.”

Somewhat Lost Seeker: “Oh.”

We might not understand the above dialogue in the same way. Our unique experiences of reality’s events makes each one of us a unique perceiver. This becomes recursive. As a unique perceiver our experiences increasingly diverge and look different. It’s worth wondering if they ever were or can look the same? However, our focus now will not be on the possibility of mutually shared realities but the actuality of mutually shared unrealities.

We assume that our experiences and perceptions, which ordinarily are taken to be the same thing, are real, meaning a direct and unadulterated experience of real-time external reality. However, whilst they are real in the sense that they exist, they are not the reality that is out there. Instead, they are the interpretation of the sensory data that travels from the outer edges of our senses to a place within that, ordinarily, is never perceived, that would be directly perceiving itself.

Information can go awry on the journey from the external senses to the place within, the most trivial of which are classic optical illusions that everyone knows, but few explore. A mind bent out of shape is more difficult to fix than a deviated septum, since the former is intangible.

Practically, we can explore the perverse nature of Unreality or play safe and not go there. Oddly, the unsafe, adventurous way may seem to produce nothing due to an avoidance trick of the mind which refuses to see what it doesn’t believe in. By contrast, the conservative approach, which indulges mutual hallucinations of consensual reality will seem rewarding and meaningful because the mind’s beliefs will validate it. Consequently, we have to go the irregular way. Can you do it? Will you, as patiently as possible, encounter seeming states of inner fog, boredom, disorientation, incongruity, paradox, irritation, frustration, surreality and more, on a spiritual journey that will seem to last a lifetime but can be completed in a lunchtime? Nothing is as it seems — it never was so.

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