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Dave O.
Mon, 18 May 2020

Feedback: Unrealities Broken and Busted by Hurricane ‘Enlightenment Transmission’

You Can't Prepare for the Unexpected

Into the Needle Point of the Hurricane
Into the Needle Point of the Hurricane

Feedback indicates ‘Driving Deeper: Lifting the Corners of Unreality’ was unspeakable, identity-blowing, had both edge and jam - despite being not intended for entertainment.

Edge and Spice

“This was a good one for me and here is why.

It had an edge to it and I like a lot of spice with my meal. Many synchronicities with my week, incredible amount. Loved the philosophy of mind talk right up my alley. Really felt "it" during and after. I think I can tell at this point when I'm receiving Transmission - and I was like a pig at the trough. Made it hard, as directly afterword I had to engage in some heavy analytic work and my mind was shot - but still worth it. I'm ready to break out of this prison and am waiting for further instructions. Do we receive a plan or do we just wait for a midnight visit saying its time, follow me? Also, I am ok with you doing whatever it takes with me, I look at you as my coach or perhaps marine drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket. Don't worry I'm not the chubby one."

No Longer Anything to Talk About

“After today's class I'm not sure I have anything to talk about!" [re: long-awaited Online One-to-One]

Identity Blown Away

“I feel my identity a bit blown up as a result of today's class, not sure what in me is actually authentic. Trying to formulate some sort of intention with regards to hosting an AG [Affinity Group]"

Wasn't Supposed to be Likable - But It Was

“ "Good class today," says JahO. "I liked it."

"Why?" asks DaOs

JahO (shrugs): "The mind loves it when you talk about it; oh and the blogpost practically wrote itself."

"Is that a good thing or not?"

JahO (shrugs): "More jam please." [meeting in-joke]"

You can schedule a video replay of ‘Driving Deeper: Lifting the Corners of Unreality’ for viewing at a scheduled time by request via email or contact-form.