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Dave O.
Mon, 18 May 2020

Detecting and Removing the Hidden Matrix

Increase your internal awareness and skill level.

“The Matrix” is a movie about characters determined to destroy a computer-simulation that pumps artificial reality into the brains of a sedated bioenergy-farmed humanity. In order to do this they have to: read the code of the computer simulation from outside; enter the computer simulation; evade detection; detect approaching danger; subvert the principles of the simulation’s artificial world; not die within the simulation and beat the simulation at its own game.

In reality, humanity lives within an artificial representation of self, others and existence. Representations are unavoidable because perception is mediated through physical senses and nerves.

However, those representations are distorted by low-level and high-level information processing functions due to inherent limitations, disease and flawed conditioning. Simplistically, the body is computer hardware and the brain an operating system. An infected operating system can damage both hardware and software functions, causing innumerable errors and suboptimal functioning. Detection and removal of viruses is made difficult when viruses are polymorphic (evolve and/or change form), hide in uninspectable areas, mimic known processes, use known processes, become inseparable from vital functions, destroy active countermeasures, fragment only to recombine later or have never been identified.

An average computer user would not be expected to know about layers of computer architecture and their abstractions, let alone find viruses hiding within those layers. They should though be able to detect and remove viruses by using an antivirus program. In difficult cases, they require an expert to find, identify and dismantle viruses.

In your own case, your brain, nervous system and body may act in ways that are internally contradictory, disassociated and damaging but like sophisticated computer malware these errant behaviours are difficult to detect and correct. Nonetheless, you have access to at least some useful tools and can be guided, verbally and nonverbally, to improve your powers of detection by increasing your internal awareness and skill level.

In the online event ‘Deep Dive into Humanity’s Matrix Mechanism: One Collective Hallucination at a Time’ I will directly guide you within places and spaces that...

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