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Dave O.
Tue, 19 May 2020

On Spiritual Midwives, Lotus Mud, Lockdowns, Lock-Ons and Workarounds

Sharpening the Razor's Edge of the World until Misunderstanding Drops Off

What about the Lotus Mud?

“The lotus grows from the mud” is a poetic way to say “Consciousness comes from shit”. However, despite the delicious irony that such a materialist reductionist-supporting view has no place in classic spiritual philosophy (which typically asserts that Consciousness precedes matter), nothing is ever said about the mud since all eyes (including the Third Eye) are impatiently awaiting the emergence of the 10,000 petaled lotus above the crown chakra.

I haven’t wanted to focus on the mud, either. Just as someone enjoying ice-cream isn’t contemplating cow patty piles.

Keeping Enlightenment Light or Lite?

Just after my Enlightenment, I went on an inner vacation that left my mind and its inner associates behind, because I had co-habited with them for too long. I guided others, who then joined me for mini-cruises, though for some unknown reason they eventually returned to port. During that time, I met with the sensible but heavy-laden who revealed their struggles with dark powers. I replied that I had no interest, truck or mission with such entities, especially since they seemed unnecessary and illusory. Yet, I felt viscerally their discomfort. However, I didn’t believe mud-wading was required to find pearls of consciousness.

Instead, I did “lock-on” - tuning into the light within each person, ignoring  darkness produced by imagination and bringing a person to their inner light without direct verbal references. Sometimes connecting to a person, their inner suffering would quickly move through me like a  flash fever, occasioning a single tear. The relief was palpable. No need for darkness, we had contacted the light.

More Show, Less Tell

The meeting format was different back then. Less lecture, more short personal interactions in a group setting. The audience receded, only the interaction existed. Because the freshly opened “lotuses” would typically eventually close, I investigated alternative formats to support a full and permanent opening of consciousness and protect privacy (though people today mostly give it away). Private information was never required to gain an “opening”. I made it clear that I was not doing psychotherapy, not delving into personal history, but only focused on the present moment.

Unsupported Spiritual Midwives

To detach a person from their lifelong identity in an instant without a safety net, or taxi ride home, is a precarious undertaking. Society does not support awakening but, if anything, suppresses uninitiated change. Spiritual midwives must deliver - in back alleys, if necessary. They should have community support for their services, but communities comprise of unawakened babies, who tend to have unenlightened communal practices. For this reason I work alone.

Spiritual Babies Require a Good Lock-On to Feed

“Lock-on” is an essential procedure that was de rigueur in my awakening assembly  line. “Lock-on” had the beneficial effect of resetting energetic systems. Whilst dependency and addiction have been raised as potential concerns, no one raises them about frequent showering.

Online Lock-On during Real-Life Lockdown

All of my earliest meetings were in the real world, until online events started in 2009. The challenge now is how to comfortably, effectively and safely achieve “lock-on” remotely i.e. online?

On retreat, participants safely experiment with “lock-on” with each other. The retreat finale is a 1-5 minute interaction with me, which reportedly brings instant unique powerful healing and revelation. With global lockdown limiting retreats and real-world interactions, it is necessary to find workarounds, to “lock-on” remotely, to use the internet to “guide-in” connections.

Formless Formats

A number of different online formats have been trialled, with good results. But only so many different formats can be offered monthly. There have been guided and silent meditations with video on and off, and a session looking at each participant without mentioning names. Last Saturday, I considered a short silent video-less online meditation.

The Retreat Comes

Now, I am sensing the possibility of a retreat-like interactive format that could work with careful management and patience. Eligible participants would need to be familiar with me and, ideally, with being in my group events (though exceptions may be permitted).

Interactive Saturdays, Experiential Sundays

I am considering future interactive-type online meetings on Saturdays bring practical experiences to complement Sunday’s live online presentations.

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