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Dave O.
Tue, 26 May 2020

Inner Archaeology: Digging the Internal Past for the Cause of Human Extinction

Our Gene-ology Sings

Tracking the Past Present
Tracking the Past Present

I am unsure whether the human race was ever supposed to exist in its present form, but here we are — Nature given space for us. However, the adage “what can be given, can also be taken away” seems appropriate, especially if humanity continues destroying the ecosystem. That doesn’t seem like, based on the inglorious record of better endowed predecessors who often worsened the situation, something I can directly change. I wonder why that is?

When helping individuals, I usually focus on real-time symptoms, not past stories. However, humanity is not one person but billions, a constantly changing life form represented by a relatively static concept. And since we are the humanity that we are trying to help, our next sequence of moves will likely be predetermined and part of the problem, not the solution. To find answers, it seems necessary to slip behind the unquestioned assumptions that give rise to our perceptions and behaviours. To do that, we have to go way back, to a time man forgot. Not by digging in the physical dirt of our past, but an inner archaeology. Fortunately, it seems, our gene-ology still sings the story, a tale of woe (but you knew that much already), in every body, manifesting as disturbance on the individual, family, communal, national and world levels.

As I look back, I see that the human species developed in ways that would inevitably threaten our existence. Non-stop crises. In our manner, if not in our minds, we are against each other. Cooperating, mainly for survival and exploitation only. From whence did such deep antipathy precede?

The result has been horrific, could the cause have been any worse? Might we somehow be immune, protected or too numb to perceive it? It is with no joy there I take you there, but neither am I opposed. It simply awaits us. Could there ever have been such a wonderful use of a Sunday? And it’s only a few hours, at that.

If you can make it, book this Sunday’s live online ‘Zero Point Return: The Time Before the Original Wound’ or request a replay, preferably by email or else by contact form.