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Dave O.
Tue, 9 Jun 2020

Shaking Up The Trance: Catching Enlightenment Transmission During COVID-19 Confusion

Shake up the allegedly expected with unexpected points of departure to breakthrough COVID-19 apathy.

For those who love peace and quiet, COVID-19 lockdown policies created a welcome holiday period and an illusion that the stresses of modern day life are indefinitely postponed. Others are confused to find themselves within a new and unfamiliar lifestyle. During this apparently lackadaisical wait-and-see period, it’s easy for communal relationships to be subtly shifted and reorganised. Those of us who already relate mostly online, may not notice the rest of the world has joined us at the cost of losing real-world connections.

The danger at this time is that the blind may be leading the blind, lost in the endless corridors of online virtual systems. If we look to others for inspiration, we miss out on our own lives, and that they have been put indefinitely on hold.

We once had lives. Remember? Lives that had meaning. No matter what the external circumstances our lives can still have meaning β€” if we stay connected to it.

In recent months, the viability of the annual Summer Island Retreat seemed both a possibility and an impossibility. Slowly, reluctantly, one by one, participants realised that they would not be able to attend. The physical container for the Enlightenment Transmission had evaporated. Focus shifted hard and heavy upon online delivery systems.

Recently, I realised that no matter how unsuitable are online alternatives to a real-world retreat, participants are ready, willing and waiting. All that is required is delivery via online technology but with unexpected points of departure to breakthrough gravitational field of mainstream apathy. In fact, real spiritual business as usual.

Join the live event β€˜Breaking the Grand Illusion: Coming Unstuck, Never Arriving and the Least Expected Option’ or inquire about a replay by email or contact-form.