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Dave O.
Tue, 23 Jun 2020

The Ancestral Dream Catcher in the Eternal Record

Want to play catch up?

Want to play catch up?
Want to play catch up?

Detailed description for ‘The Ancestral Dream Catcher’ event.

Blink, and you will miss it. If it arrives only when you blink, how on Earth then can you perceive it? Answer: By leaving the Known, a place of false and fake perceptions, that covers the Real.

Everything else has always existed, but your mind (ironic, for an avowed truth seeker) does not want you to see. Intent on delivering its own virtual reality in a fully endarkened cinema that presents and allows only one narrative. Reality is excluded. Welcome to the Desert of the Mind! Hopefully, you’ll be leaving real soon.

Such psychological operations (cover-ups) are detectable. You will need to have an open mind and trust me on this one, at least initially. Very soon  evidence will appear. The question is: can you handle it?

Deep divers into consciousness required. Courage and commitment essential.

Behind the blinkers, is an optical magic merry-go-round to decipher.

You will see images, hear sounds and feel sensations. What do they mean? Where do they come from? First, we have to catch these hidden perceptions. Secondly, we notice their interconnections. Finally, we understand.

Immediate benefits include not being buffeted around by the ups and downs of life and the psychic interference of others. Instead “loose charge” will be identified, understood, usefully reframed and gently allowed to bring equilibrium.

Receiving this understanding requires full participation. The subject matter only reveals itself in real-time. Sufficient exposure will reveal a pattern of dreamlike activity that is part of a continuum that connects our own thread of consciousness to that of everyone else’s. A theoretical lecture would be insufficient to expose this activity to the conscious mind.

Consequently, this event is experiential and cannot have a structure. The false identity is comfortable with structure that allows it to hide itself and essential facts of life.

You want to be truly seen? Can you take it?

Participants are the subjects, generators, incongruent communicators and unwitting revelators of their own mind games. The “pay to play” is your willingness to recognise that you are standing naked with your most intimate moves exquisitely scrutinised.