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Dave O.
Tue, 23 Jun 2020

Benefits of the Super Online Enlightenment Transmission Retreat

All Enlightenment Transmission benefits were conspicuously present.

COVID-19 gave us a gift! The  first-ever 4-Day Online Enlightenment Transmission Retreat was highly successful, exceeding all expectations and providing exceptional opportunities for participants to immerse, share, release and realise within the Enlightenment Transmission.

We discovered new ways of being and living together that support growth and development, including the role of participants have in helping each other with support, discharge reframing life stories. All essential Enlightenment Transmission features and effects were conspicuously present.

Participants danced, walked in nature, slept and swam in rivers, lakes and oceans during and between sessions. I participated outside in nature amid birdsong as the midnight sun disappeared for a short 90 minutes before rising again.

There were 2 sessions per day of 4 to 5 hours duration, with a 2 hour break. The Retreat included a special Enlightenment Day drop-in event for familiar participants. The first 3 days could be attended on a drop-in basis too. The Final Day could be attended only by those who had participated in at least some of the Online Retreat.

Future Online Enlightenment Transmission Retreats are now likely. Full day sessions attended over continuous days have inestimable benefits. Each day is radically different, part of a seamless cycle that crescendos on the Final Day. If only everyone could experience the benefits!

Eligibility will be open to participants familiar with Enlightenment Transmission events. Newcomers should start preparing now by attending online events and/or meeting with Dave for One-to-Ones.

Discoveries from the recent Online Retreat will be experientially offered in  ‘The Ancestral Dream Catcher’. Read the accompanying article: ‘The Ancestral Dream Catcher in the Eternal Record’.