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Dave O.
Tue, 30 Jun 2020

You Are the Solution to Every Problem

Peace comes the same way that epidemics calm down

Who's got the problem now?
Who's got the problem?

Injustices, COVID-19 lockdowns, charged memes, fake news, social networking, superficial research, poor logic, bad faith and agent provocateurs have highlighted an unstable society that cannot safely channel the emotional charge arising from communal grievances, which inevitably increases the potential for all human relationships to become polarised.

The polarisation is internalised which means a person will be against their own self. On the human demographic spectrum opposites will collide. Individuals, nations, cultures, regions, religions, groups, races, categories, sexes and genders have the potential to disagree. As the charge increases, violent catharsis, bloodletting and violence temporarily relieve fears, frustrations and tensions, but rarely solve the invisible problem that beleaguers each one of us, and by extension all of humanity.

How can we hope to solve larger communal issues when we have not solved our own intra- and inter-personal difficulties? We can’t. Apparent progress is an illusion. Society has built its public values, institutions and communities on the shaky ground of self-hatred, self-repression and warlike competition. Such a structure can never stabilise but is ‘scripted’ to implode in order to regenerate itself again.

Some individuals choose to fight remote wars because the real cause, in their own personal life, feels too stressful to face. Unable to safely channel their own intra- and inter-personal emotional charge they displace their rage, fear and frustration upon third parties who they seek to change, attack or defend. Unable to support themselves, they aim to support others, but only so far as their own personal blocks allow, which is never far enough.

The real issues have to be faced. Those who fight alongside each other are not really in it together but fighting their own personal war. The enemy can never be defeated because the enemy must never die. If the enemy dies then it must be regenerated. The external war can never resolve the internal crisis – and so the war must go on – eternally.

Peace will come in the same way that epidemics calm down: by reducing the infection rate below a certain ratio. For that to happen, individuals must be able to calmly face the charge of others, not increase it nor add their own. They cannot isolate themselves because then no one would discharge or develop immunity.

The only way through this crisis, which could destroy humanity, is to calmly suck it up and then to safely disperse the affect. We have a long way to go, but we can start today. Just find a fulminating partner, and instead of becoming reactive support their emotional need to find equilibrium. Only by resolving the issue locally can we have an effect globally. There are many precious gems to discover on this journey.

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