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Dave O.
Wed, 13 Aug 2014

Unexplained Mysteries of the Enlightenment Group Process


Enlightenment is priceless and well worth having. Even if you are materially poor, on the inside you will be blissed out. And while this is not guaranteed to raise your fame, power or money rating, your perceived ‘quality of life’ score will rocket. Enlightenment is also compatible with sex – something that Buddhists monks have never realised.

Enlightenment Teachings need not be unintelligible but nowadays they are unclear. Spiritual corporate tomb raiders have eviscerated Enlightenment Teachings of yore and thrown them onto a bonfire. And while the bones of martyred saints allegedly proved to be incorruptible, Enlightenment Teachings are extremely delicate and perishable. Some Teachings are for one-time use only and should be assumed to have an implicit use-before date.

It is not recommended to depend on dead and dusty Enlightenment Teachings, especially those that have had a romantic Hollywood-style makeover. The real Enlightenment Path is raw and crude and requires 100% honesty and vulnerability.

Since my own Enlightenment on 19th June 2000, I have been figuring out how Enlightenment happens by sharing my experiences with a group of seekers. Ironically it seems that the group process itself is in fact the way to Enlightenment, which is the opposite of the solitary path of a monk and more extensive than the traditional private student-teacher model.

A common idea is that Enlightenment comes from an Enlightenment Teacher even though Enlightenment rarely, if ever, happens that way. An Enlightenment Teacher is a finger pointing at the moon. But no one understands what kind of finger it is because Enlightenment Teachings have been scrambled, resulting in conceptually confused spiritual seekers. Spiritual groups have existed in a Tower of Babel-like state, unable to converse with each other or even themselves. A finger, BTW, is only fully useful when attached to a hand.

The mind that has been conditioned by social group processes not to see Enlightenment is a mind that can probably be freed by Enlightenment group processes. Whilst Enlightenment may seem to be a secret, it is an open secret that hides in plain sight. We actually know the smell, taste and touch of Enlightenment but our minds deny it.

Interestingly, the members of the Enlightenment Transmission Participant Group (ETPG) have almost nothing in common and no reason to be attending Enlightenment Transmission events, except to form a transformational relationship with the Enlightenment Transmission. In my experience this makes for an exceptional group that is relatively free of the selfish agendas that infect many spiritual groups, mainly involving power struggles, slave-master relationships, unresolved father/mother issues and promises of free sex or lunch.

In order to keep the ETPG ‘clean’, nothing was ever given to members except for the Enlightenment Transmission (requests for certification were always denied). Now that we have a relatively agenda-free group, it is safer to move towards becoming an integrated seeking group rather than a group of individual seekers. This is a joyful process, akin to becoming happily married. ‘The group are the Enlightenment Process’ was a recent discovery from the ‘What is I?’ 7-Day July 2014 Retreat.

Since that Retreat I have developed a principle: the group has all the answers. Enlightenment Transmission participants are figuring things out amongst themselves. Previously they would have pondered alone or taken all their questions to their Enlightened Teacher, which is a slower process. As group contact time increases, the spiritual evolution of the group and its members accelerates. The OETT (Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching) is finding new ways to support this process by creating online real-time discussion groups to complement existing Live Online Enlightenment Transmission Classes and real-world Enlightenment Transmission Intensives and Retreats.

The concept of turning to the group for Enlightenment is not novel but it is easily mispracticed. Buddhists call it seeking sanctuary in the Sangha (spiritual community), which is practiced alongside seeking sanctuary in Sakyamuni (Gautama Buddha) and the Scripture (I adjusted the terms to make them the ‘3 Sanctuary S’s’). The weakness of this approach is that if the Buddha cannot be found, the Scriptures are misunderstood or the Sangha is screwed-up then one’s chance of getting Enlightened are screwed too. Since the real Buddha is hard to find, communities using his name have diversified into fiefdoms and hegemonies with very suspect agendas.

By the way, this point isn’t about Buddhism per se but the ideas that drive the spiritual market. Anyway, it’s an open question whether Buddhists really exist. A true Buddhist would surely have to deny their own existence as a matter of philosophical principle.

Moving swiftly along before attracting the unwanted attentions of intolerant angry religionists…

There are two types of Online Enlightenment Transmission Participant Groups –
the Participant-led Group and the Teacher-facilitated Group. The Teacher-facilitated Group is currently more focussed then the Participant-led Group. Participant-led Enlightenment Transmission Groups are free. Attendance is open for anyone who has shown a reasonable commitment or affinity to the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching and who would benefit from the group process. Contact me if you want to join a group.

I have used up my 700-word quota. So I’ll leave you with some tantalisers for the 17th August Live Online Class ‘The Delicious Joys of the Group Enlightenment Process’:

What attracts a disparate bunch of individuals to the Enlightenment Transmission?

What if Enlightenment comes from the Enlightenment Transmission Group and not the Enlightened Teacher?

How will the many discoveries from the July 2014 Enlightenment Transmission Retreat improve and enrich your life?