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Dave O.
Tue, 28 Jul 2020

End of the Illusion: Entering the Shared Reality of Wakeful Dreams

Discover your mind’s own deception by entering another’s

Entering the Dream
Entering the Dream

I used to hear people say “meet you in your dreams”. Ironically, they were already dreaming, whilst awake, and failing to meet. I therefore find it unlikely that they would meet during sleep. However, since we overlap in so many ways, it’s trivial to state that we are already meeting. Alas, not consciously.

Of course, it could be fun to meet someone in their dreams, as long as you know your way out because it could easily become a nightmare.

For many, a dream is something in which they are lost and unaware that they are in it. Fortunately, it is possible to enter a dream, be fully conscious and know where one is and what is happening, even before it happens. However, it’s not recommended to reveal that you know what is going to happen, if you seek to maintain rapport, because that may end the ‘shared reality’ which is in fact a shared illusion.

Usually we inhabit only our own illusion, sharing only the most superficial aspects with others, fully believing and representing those illusions as if they are reality. Typically, we are the last to know about the deception because it becomes the basis of our conceptual, perceptual and analytical powers. When we look from our mind we cannot see the deception. We lack the tools. The illusion is now complete.

Ironically, one way to discover our mind’s deception is to enter into another’s deception. But not at the level of the mind, since each mind is disabled, unable to uncover the source of the deception. Naturally, because the grand deception comes from outside the mind. To label that area as the ‘subconscious’ would be misleading. We are very much aware of it. But not with our minds. We have to use our not-minds. Fortunately, we have it in abundance.

In the upcoming online event ‘Exiting the Grand Illusion by Entering the Dream’ you will be introduced to your not-mind as it starts to perceive, consciously, the language of awake dreams, something we all do but fail to recognise. We will start with the basics, detecting the illusion, before plunging into our own ever present dream factory. Eventually, you will be able to enter, with others, into the overlapping awake dreams – and then you will have truly tasted shared reality.

Attend the live online event ‘Exiting the Grand Illusion by Entering the Dream’ or request a replay by email or contact-form. (send availability times).