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Dave O.
Tue, 4 Aug 2020

Untriggered: From Zombified to Fully Alive

Becoming Fully Alive Whilst Actually Being Alive

live conscious
live conscious

Life can sometimes be painful, full of suffering and trauma. During those moments what happens to your consciousness? Does your awareness contract? Do you feel that you want to live – or leave – life?

There are various kinds of pain and suffering. Body pains may be resolved when a physical problem is healed. Mental anguish may be healed when a social situation is resolved. A broken heart may require special love or else may never recover. Some pains are never diagnosed. Doctors are baffled, even incredulous. But the pain is, nonetheless, experienced. The pain sensations traverse the body, moving from the cellular level, through all connective tissue, fascia, nerves, heart, lungs, organs, affecting all systems of the body and extending into the mind, emotions and perceptions.

Awareness often recedes during an unprocessed overload of uncomfortable sensations that flood the nervous system during a mental or physical shock, and fight, flight or freeze reactions. The shockwaves may never fully dissipate but return with varying degrees of intensity. In such cases, all too common, awareness never fully descends into the body and requires a ‘push’ to do so.

Unless awareness fully occupies the body, an individual will lack certain meaningful developmental experiences, perceptions and relationships. It will be as if they have become zombified, apparently alive but lacking in aliveness and sensation with the "lights on but no one at home". Instead, their awareness has receded to a mentally programmed place that does not exist in this world and seems safer. There is an overlap with the transitory illusions of an addict on mind-altering drugs.

Ironically, unknown to the individual, the body is generally the best, safest and healthiest destination for their awareness, not their mind. Ultimately, our awareness is here to fully experience the body and everything that comes into contact with it. To miss that experience is to be robbed of life.

In the online event ‘The Untriggering: Coming Alive As Consciousness Fully Enters the Body’ we will explore the contraction and expansion of awareness within our perceptions of the body, giving us the best possibility of becoming fully alive whilst actually being alive. This is a necessary step for becoming fully human, conscious and Enlightened.