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Dave O.
Mon, 17 Aug 2020

The Inner Polar Bear and the Melting Ancestral Icecaps

As icebergs melt, we either process or drown.

Frozen Waste
Frozen Wastes

The unknown awaits to be discovered, beyond the boundaries of the known. It’s where we go every week in the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching. Never visiting the same place twice, because in reality, the same place can never be revisited: life is continuous change.

No matter how much the mind seeks to simplify life's complexities, life will always be complex. The cost of ignoring sensations and impressions is a life unlived. An oversimplistic doubt-free narrative creates only an illusion of understanding. The risks outweigh benefits, for when we cannot calibrate to reality, we sink into unreality.

This week we will boldly go where no enculturated mind would dare, deep into ‘Psychosomatic Ancestral Mud Wrestling’.

For thousands of years, our ancestors made such non-physical journeys because their paradigms allowed or expected it - or they had no choice. Our modern materialist-rationalist paradigm does not condone such experience-gathering “flights of fancy” but only allows speculation upon permitted beliefs elevated to the status of established “fact”. This method lacks a reality check, and keeps reality in check. Thinking about reality should proceed from experience. Experience is the reality check, not accepted beliefs. Thinking about reality that proceeds from thinking, with no experience-based reality check, eventually affects experience and creates pseudo-realities.

When you close your eyes, shutting out the world from your external senses, you perceive an inner world more richly varied than the outer world. When you dream during sleep, this inner world has its own diverse ‘nightlife’, complete with complex problems - only some of which are resolved before waking. This inner world is trying to understand and communicate something - but rarely is sufficient attention given to the content, structure and substance. It’s as if you live like a polar bear on an ever-diminishing melting iceberg tip, perpetually unaware of the substantial submerged structure below. Never knowing yourself is a life unlived.

Every week during online events, we visit these icebergs, exploring the beautiful living crystalline structures that are constantly in danger of becoming a slushy icy wasteland. So much has happened in human history.  The records are frozen within the ice. As the icebergs melt, we will either process the ancestral backlog or drown in the deluge.

Of course, there is no map for an uncharted territory that time forgot. We have only our senses, skills and experience gained from significant expeditions taken thus far.

You may encounter ancestral content, but not in any way that you have imagined or conceptualised. This will be a practical and meaningful exploration - otherwise it would not be worth doing. The discoveries will have benefits for yourself and others, which is the reason for doing this. Let’s seek to understand and experience so that the full practical benefits can be realised. It only requires time, attention and attendance.

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