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Dave O.
Mon, 7 Sep 2020

Selling Enlightenment Sucks

Not as gross as claimed, worse than iimagined.

Spiritual Marketplace
Spiritual Marketplace

Some proclaim that selling spirituality is gross. I kind of agree. But probably for different reasons. I have long pondered the matter, because I believe that Enlightenment should be free. Frustratingly though, the opinionated sectarian social justice warriors of the seedy spiritual marketplace seem stunningly unable to offer anything but indignation and platitudes, whilst at the other end of the spectrum, millionaire New Age gurus proffer simplistic rationalisations for their shoddy one-size fits all spiritual wares.

Myself, I charge for my time. Mainly, because it feels right. No one expects a plumber to clear their U-bend pipes for free, even with a frothy cappuccino inducement. Time is money and money is time. Unfortunately, that’s how society works, values and also invalidates our most valuable contributions, such as propagating the human race, for which men should get a medal and women a trophy every time the birth count increases.

The spiritual marketplace is gross because it simply is not spiritual – it’s a marketplace! Mass-marketed spiritual gurus are leaders only because they have followers. They followers because they have no time for personal relationships. Groups offering ‘free’ loss-leader lunches make sure to upsell and inherit substantial property portfolios. Worse than gross is the spiritual celebrity who sells something that they do not have, be it celibacy or multiple orgasms, physical immortality or heaven, prosperity, peace of mind or bliss. All it takes to create the illusion of spiritual attainment is a professional photograph, some fake reviews, inflated book sales and paid advertorial (which many publications insist on).

The spiritual marketplace is confused about Enlightenment – because it has none. Everyone who sups with a fake tea seller assumes that they are tasting the real thing. All they actually have is a useless bill of goods which they seek to regularly cash in. No one wants bad teachings, but at a price, the spiritual marketplace can be dominated and corrupted within one generation, providing power, control and huge profits for millennia. Pretty soon, not only will there be followers, but middlemen who appoint themselves as unscrupulous defenders of the faith, who will ensure that unbelievers are converted by any means necessary. Perfect plausible deniability. But, it has nothing at all to do with Enlightenment. Fortunate, are those who see that. But it’s unlikely that you do.

Spirituality is not gross, nor is valuing one’s time – it’s the spiritual marketplace that is corrupt. Worst of all, is the marketing that you no longer see. Your best ‘friends’ are inadvertently doing it to. Social networking has accelerated this trend. Today, everything that glitters is not gold. Enlightenment is not for sale in the spiritual marketplace or the dark web – but if you hear a credible rumour that it is, please forward the details to me.

If it sometimes seems like I am selling or hyping the benefits of Enlightenment, please understand that having actually experienced Enlightenment, I am telling how it really is. Better, I will prove and demonstrate by sharing that experience. Join me: ‘Getting to The Enlightenment Thing’.