Dave O.
Wed, 16 Sep 2020

Feeling Strange at the Point of No Return? You Might not be Dying but Coming Alive

Don't Panic. Stay Calm.

Practical Enlightenment
Feeling Strange? Relax, It's Normal.

We are now on the long march to Enlightenment. A point of no return. You might feel strange. Don’t freak out, you are not dying, but coming alive [*]. This is happening because I decided that we will no longer mess around. Life is too short. We will leave behind the luxuries, entertainments and dramas of base camp.

At first, it will freakily feel like iron filings are being drawn out from your veins by a powerful magnet. Stay calm, this is part of a known process that repeatedly re-initiates itself. It has never completed – until now. You are going to provoke, catalyse, exacerbate and finally accept it. Hold on to your seat, because unreality is going bye-bye.

Together with losing what you never really had, you are going to deliberately long for what you always had, but never consciously knew. This will kick-start your innate lust for Liberation, thereby making explicit how hot you are for Enlightenment. Soon you will be lovemaking with Existence and the false identity will be just a distant memory.

To discover more, deepen your process, breakthrough and learn how to handle absolute transformation attend curiously numbered live online event #911 ‘Practical Enlightenment: Coming Alive, Strange Times & Weird Sensations’ (or request a video replay, preferably by emailing if you have our email address, or else use the contact-form, and suggest availability times).

* Seek advice from a medical doctor to rule out possible physical causes.