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Dave O.
Thu, 8 Oct 2020

Humanity in Chaos, Save the Planet, Awaken the Sleeping Dragon of Enlightenment Transmission

What can you do? What will you do?

 make a splash then utilize the wave
make a splash then utilize the wave

Dear Fellow Human Being,

Thank you for being here in this time of uncertainty. Now get your finger off your mobile phone, stop trying to be a "someone" and start manifesting your unique amazing divine superhero planet-saving destiny. I will help you - when I am not busy at the battle-front, as I am now. Read on...

A few years after Enlightenment I accepted that humanity was doomed, but now I say "what the heck, we might as well accept the impossible challenge and make the desert bloom rather than just die worrying about the next generation's dwindling chances of life, liberty and happiness."

For 20 years I have quietly shared Enlightenment Transmission as an alternative to the corrupt impotent nonsense of the self-congratulatory, ego-inflating oxymoronic multi-billion dollar spiritual marketplace. I kept my group small, so that I could give vital individual attention and development. Participants came by word-of-mouth and mainly still do.

But that's not enough to save a planet burning down as politicians fiddle a fast buck. It's time to stop declaring and time to start doing.

 make a splash then utilize the wave
make a splash then utilize the wave

Consequently, Dave Oshana is "out" - which means I am "all in". I am going to be doing stuff I said I'd never do - but with the same impeccable integrity. I am leaving my forest idyll to go public in a big way.

As a small example, I spontaneously agreed to do a podcast that I had delayed since before the Winter Retreat. It was tons of fun:
Dave Oshana: Enlightenment Transmission (End of the Road Podcast)

Enlightenment Transmission participants and I will be on the guest list of some big and famous podcasts, shows and festival.

And lives are changing, just look at writer Jasun H's plans to move from Canada to Spain to start an intentional community:
Where Reality Is: Dave Oshana on How Body Awareness + Conscious Life Force = Enlightenment

  • What can you do?
  • What will you do?
  1. Get yourself and/or me invited to online interviews, conferences and exhibitions
  2. Create online videos or promote my YouTube.
  3. Work with the Enlightenment Transmission Foundation, a US non-profit.
  4. Essentially, contact famous people you do not know. It's fun!

Whatever happens, keep creating positive change. Enlightenment Transmission is on the way!

Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
Dave Oshana
, over and now out there.