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Dave O.
Wed, 14 Oct 2020

Be My Free Guest: Dave Oshana Live Online Presentation @ Embodiment Conference 2020 This Weekend

You have nothing to lose but your shoes

Dear One!

Free Invitation to my Online Conference Presentation

I invite you to join me for free as I share Enlightenment Transmission live online at The Embodiment Conference 2020 this Sunday 18th Oct at 8am Finland, 6am UK, 4pm Sydney. (Saturday night 17th Oct in USA). Check your time zone.

No Download Necessary

You do not need to download any plugins or software. UPDATE: But you can use teh Zoom app.


Sign up soon for the conference, so that you can test your audio and video reception. I recommend Firefox browser because it has better privacy potentials. Mobile phone web browsers might not work. UPDATE: The conference channels can open in either the browser or Zoom. I prefer Zoom because the browser is buggy and uses more CPU.

Referral Link to Use and Share

Register to receive conference access and updates with this referral link:

You can share the referral link with anyone, social networks and public forums. Everyone is welcome.

Image to Share and Social Network

Dave Oshana at The Embodiment Conference 2020
Dave Oshana at The Embodiment Conference 2020
Click for larger image, then "save as" to download image if you wish to distribute the invitation

My Conference Presentation Page

My presentation description and presenter bio pages on TEC 2020 are minimal until server loads level out (possibly after the opening ceremony):

Enlightenment Transmission and the Interpersonal Space of Psychosomatic Release - Dave Oshana at The Embodiment Conference 2020

Dave Oshana Presenter at The Embodiment Conference 2020

But you can find a full description on my website:

Enlightenment Transmission and the Interpersonal Space of Psychosomatic Release

Conference Package (for those who want)

All presentations at the conference are free. But if you want to buy the full conference video package and also support me as a presenter then use my referral link at the same time in the same browser. I might receive a bonus. I don't want you to think about that at the moment. Don't buy anything for my sake but only if you truly want the package. If you want to donate to me then just buy some OshanaCredits or send money some other way and mark it as a "donation".

The Enlightenment Transmission Flash Mob

The most important thing is to relax, enjoy the Enlightenment Transmission and be curious in a different environment.

If want to have fun then add something to your display name like "I Love ♥ ET". But most of all relax and forget about technology and the world, and soak up the Enlightenment Transmission and my performance. Feel free to fall asleep. I will likely offer free replays.

VIP Guest List & VIP Room

Most conference participants will be invisible to presenters, *but* if you let me know your display name then I will ask the host to allow as many familiar participants as possible into the visible area. You would have to allow the website to temporarily access your camera via your browser to stay in the VIP Room. I might send you a special code to add to your display name, so be sure to register with me and test that you can access conference presentations at least 24 hours before my session starts.

Register with both the Conference and Me

1. Register TEC 2020 with my referral link so that the conference can give you access and update you.

2. Register with me by booking on my website: ‘Enlightenment Transmission and the Interpersonal Space of Psychosomatic Release’ so that I can update you when necessary.

Looking forward to what comes next.

10 hours after the conference I will be back online with the regular Sunday Live Transmission event and may give a debrief about the conference presentation.

Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
Dave Oshana