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Dave O.
Wed, 21 Oct 2020

How Did You Become Unenlightened (Split, Disassociated, Fragmented)?

How did you become unenlightened?

How did you become unenlightened? Is the question intelligible (let alone answerable) without knowing what Enlightenment is? Isn’t it necessary to be Enlightened to know what Enlightenment is?

We share a mutual experiential understanding of words only when  we both have the same experience. Assuming that you are not established in continuous abiding Enlightenment, then approximation words will have to be borrowed and adapted as substitutes.

For unenlightenment, terms such as “identity split, disassociation or fragmentation” are reasonable metaphorical comparisons. Nonetheless, the receiver either has to have prior experience of these concepts or else be guided to notice that they are already experiencing or subject to them. However, these terms only refer to the identity, not to that consciousness what is aware of the identity.

We can now reformulate the opening question thus “How did you become split, disassociated, fragmented?” However this is not a question that the identity can answer because the identity is the split, the disassociation and the fragment. Furthermore, the identity is a sandbar that restricts free exchange between consciousness and the body. To focus only upon the sandbar/island (the identity), which is temporal, is to ignore the context in (and on) which it lives and depends: real-time congress between unbounded consciousness and the organic body. The question now becomes “how did the identity arise, take over and dominate?”

The answer is that you made a decision to disassociate thereby creating a separation (within yourself) and a separate entity that follows a radically different logic from your innate natural intelligence, and which, in order to survive controls and suppresses your life force energy, depresses libido, spawns psychosomatic maladies, reduces immunity and causes the mind, heart and body to break down.

The fatally flawed decision to live within an imaginary fragment of your true self was not unconscious (even if you were externally helpless). But it’s unconscious now, safely beyond the reach of your conscious mind. Fortunately, that which was once conscious can become conscious again. It does not really reside in a theoretical zone called the “unconscious”. It simply has become inaccessible. But it can be accessed. Everything about you reveals its location. I see it. I also see that it prevents you from seeing it. It makes you look everywhere else, anywhere else. And you are complicit in that, too.

Will you permit me to make you conscious? Can you bear the exposure of having the skin ripped off of the identity’s mask? This is a highly interactive real-time process. Nothing will be left hidden. Everything will be removed. This is a surgical excision. You will feel it (we can’t use laughing gas all of the time).

Your next best move is to book a One-to-One with me or join the next online group (email me if you need to book a replay of any online event). At the time of writing the next online event is Sunday 25th Oct ‘Avoiding the Matryoshka Matrix and the End of Freedom’.