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Dave O.
Tue, 3 Nov 2020

Real Spirituality and the Unspiritual Spiritual Marketplace

The Spiritual Marketplace is Unspiritual by Design

The spiritual marketplace is all around you. Ironically, no one is becoming spiritual because of it. In fact, the opposite. The spiritual marketplace keeps ordinary people unspiritual and attempts to make authentic spiritual seekers unspiritual too. The spiritual marketplace is first, foremost and only a marketplace. It is not spiritual by nature and so can never become spiritual. Real spirituality can never enter the spiritual marketplace. The spiritual marketplace and real spirituality are not physical places. The spiritual marketplace is a state of mind. Real spirituality is beyond the mind. The spiritual marketplace is able to manifest in the physical world because it focuses on thoughts, things, concepts and objects. Real spirituality is always invisible because it is not a thing, cannot be defined, neither in the physical world nor not in the physical world – it is a connection to an infinite unfolding real-time flow.

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